WORLD OF RADIO #1075, produced April 4, 2001, by Glenn Hauser

*WOR on WWCR, one change: UT Sunday 0630 on 3210 ex-5070
*Entire WOR schedule on WWCR, UT times and days; Thu 2030 15685, Fri
 0930 7435, Sat 0230 3215, Sat 1130 15685, Sun 0230 5070, Sun 0630
 3210, Mon 0000 3215, [Mon 0500 3210], Tue 1100 15685
*On WBCQ WOR is now: Wed 2330 on 7415; UT Sun 0200 on 9335-USB or as
 late as 15 minutes past
*Check DST-updated website:
*Mexico having more than a week of confusion in dispute over DST; DF
 stations heard still on UT -6 of CST, XEUN; and XERMX still has not
 shifted one hour
*Yucatan`s 49mb station also on CST with anthem at 1200 UT; searching
 for tubes to upgrade from 500 to 1000 watts
*La Voz de Galapagos, long gone from SW, and even MW, verifying old
 SW follow-up reports
*HCJB to India schedule shows UT but local days, so DX Partyline gets
 its first airing UT Fridays at 2310 on 17660; back to full length
*HCJB live webcast runs audio-visual commercial first
*DRM tests from Bonire not yet heard; critique of DRM obsoleting AM
*Lots of unusual DX lately due to extremely high solar activity;
 Argentine harmonic R. Armonia on 3.2 MHz heard in Tennessee
*China relay in Mali new schedule in English for somewhere
*High Adventure Ministries plans SW and FM from Jos, Nigeria, instead
 of Liberia; holy radio war against Islam; see
*Tunisia putting out mixing products on 7 MHz band
*New SW station on 41, 49 meterband from southern Somalia
*R. Australia interfering with itself from two transmitter sites on
 same frequency one second apart, Taiwan and Shepparton
*RNZI made two last-minute frequency changes, to 11675; and 15160
*R. Singapore International heard on 90 meter band; mixup or mixing?
*R. Thailand, English to Eastern North America on summer 15395
*V. of Justice, Cambodian clandestine: Thailand still blamed in
 contradictory report; maybe more than weekly, lower than 15 MHz?
*World Falun Dafa Radio, jammed by China, back on 12 MHz band
*Standard disclaimer
*We`re halfway through World of Radio 1075; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK
 73702, USA: or
*Thanks this time for financial support go to Tom Welch
*R. Korea Int`l confirmed with no DST this summer shift via Canada
*R. Pakistan`s new English schedule, all frequencies somewhat off
*Iran`s English to North America as monitored at 0030
*Iran`s QSL policy includes newspaper, Islam book, blank QSLs
*R. Bopeshawa, clandestine from Bulgaria to Kurdistan moves to 9960
 and its second harmonic
*R. Jordan still on 11 instead of 17 MHz for English, with RTTY QRM
*UAE Radio, Dubai, English at 0330 frequencies, one blocked by Arabic
*R. Bayrak, Turkish Cyprus, does not plan to reactivate SW; just MW
*Greek government closed down private FM stations causing protest;
*V. of Greece to North America, including English news as monitored
*R. Romania International, English at 2300 not on typoed frequency;
 another English hour for Europe better heard here
*Vaticans and Italians still fighting over electrosmog; see last few
 issues of DXLD; deadline extended until May 12
*REE Spain has new address for DX reports:
*R. Slovakia International to NAm changes 40m hamband frequency to
 49m broadcast band
*R. Studio Nevskaya Volna a.k.a. R. Gardarika new frequency to Europe
*Siemens bowed out but German parliament going ahead with another
 Powerline Communications system, threatening MW and SW reception
*France heard well on 11 meters
*DTK Germany testing again on 11 meters, multilingual loop tape
*Eurosonor Radio, new weekly broadcast on 6900 from secret site; see
*Borderhunter, europirate on 15800 or 15810, believed from Belgium
*Britain`s gay radio station LBH gave up on MW 1396 via Kaliningrad;
 VOR replaced it, and then signs off, open for DX in Europe
*BBC Radio 4, A World in Your Ear, new times on Fri, Sun
*New x-band station in Kansas City testing on 1660, KXTR
*KMZT, Mozart classical in San Francisco reverts to Christian format
*KHFM, Albuquerque, survives with classical but has to move to a
 new frequency off Sandia Crest, 95.5; also losing translators
*VOA retooling its Arabic service to attract more listeners, persuade
 Middle Easterners to hate America less. See
*WWCR heard day and night in Minnesota relayed? on 103.7
*Kentucky State Militia Radio renamed United Patriot Radio, extends
 schedule, adds daytime 12182; Norm Creek convention imminent
*WWBS, Georgia still active 4 hours a week, shifted to 11910
*Universal Radio has second URL easy to remember
*High solar activity made for unususal DX
*Excellent photos of auroras at
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, April 3; flux range 210-160-250
*That`s World of Radio 1075; I`m Glenn Hauser              ###