WORLD OF RADIO #1074, produced March 28, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Continent of Media is on RFPI several times a week, and via two
 different audio sources, my website, and
*Because of DST, WOR one hour earlier by UT from April 1 on WWCR
 and WBCQ; same UT on RFPI. Via WRN1 to North America stays 9 am
 Saturdays CST/CDT
*Summer and winter differences between UT and Eastern, Central time
*New Saturday afternoon programs on WBCQ, 17495
*KNLS, Alaska, English at 1300 now masked by WEWN
*United Nations Radio, English news to Africa schedule
*Channel Africa, South Africa, English schedule
*Two Nigerian regionals active on 49mb, one reactivated
*Big internal dispute at Rai, Italy on overhauling international
 schedule; srike threatened; new schedule supposedly from April 9.
 See DXLD 1-039, 1-040, 1-041 via
*Spain up to 15 MHz band this summer for English to North America
*R. France International adds SW frequencies for morning English to
 Africa; and even 11 meters for English at 1200; 1400 and 1600
 frequencies; on Sunday 1400 lasted a full hour
*RVi kept English at 2230, ``RVi, Flanders International Radio``;
 Radio World ondemand now via Abbreviation is
 now RVi, not RVI
*BBC Radio 4, not dumbed down, has intellectual program which is
 quite popular, In Our Time, Thursdays 0800-0845, 2030-2115 UT
*R. Sweden`s direct frequencies in English to North America
*R. Finland has only two English broadcasts on SW
*Austria`s diminished schedule in English
*R. Budapest, Hungary, new English schedule; one frequency clashes
 with China via Cuba; why not stay on clear 9835?
*Serbia giving priority to reactivating domestic relay on 7200
*Romania`s actual summer English schedule, in part
*V. of Greece, new relay schedule via USA; English programs
*UAE Radio, Dubai, monitored English schedule [except 0330]
*Iran clashes with one of them; 4-page single-spaced frequency
 schedule in DXLD 1-042, to be checked for unIDs
*VOIR of Iran in English very good in New York on 13730 at 1930
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1074, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*All India Radio Kohima drifts to clearer frequency unlike Leh and
 Port Blair
*Chinese on 25 MHz is a fifth harmonic
*Canada adds three hours of morning relays of China to USA 
*R. Korea International plans to keep morning relay via Canada at
 same UT, so one hour later by local clocks; a direct option
*V. of Vietnam schedule shows new relays via South Africa, England
*A few remaining RRIndonesians on 90, 75, 60 meters
*Alice Springs, Australia staying on 4835 all night, not 2310
*R. Australia panic to replace satellite feeds to Asia
*R. Australia frequency schedule shows four Darwin transmissions,
 none via Taiwan
*CHNX, Halifax, Nova Scotia, reactivated on 6130 with 50 watts
 (recording); 75th anniversary special ID planned for May 12
*Changes in RCI to Africa at 1800 from four sites, including new
 Dhabayya, UAE; Abu Dhabi may also relay others such as RFA
*Check DRM digital interference against RCI 17870 at 1930-2000
 from Bonaire 17880
*R. Corsario Internacional, pirate in Maracaibo, Venezuela, QSL
*Two Venezuelans commonly owned, and Ecos del Torbes ID heard on
 frequency of R. Tachira
*Brazil`s R. Filadelfia excited about listeners in Sweden
*Blob around 6304 is R. Union, Peru, reported by Nicolas Eramo in
 Argentina [not Venezuela as I said], i.a.
*HCJB`s India broadcast contains DX Partyline Saturday 2310 on 17660
*XERTA heard again, off-frequency
*Kentucky State Militia Radio not heard since last week, regrouping
*Kevin Mitnick, former computer hacker, co-hosting Dark Side of the
 Internet on KFI,
*Amigos de la Madrugada program during KRLD silent hour was Cuba
*Unusual propagation the past week; sun getting active again with
 flares, large sunspot, very high solar flux reaching 263
*Propagation outlook from Boulder issued March 27: flux 240-140-235
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1074 with a standard
 disclaimer                               ###