WORLD OF RADIO #1073, produced March 21, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*The annual Week of Confusion in international broadcasting March 25-
 31, with Europe on DST a week ahead of us, most stations already
 on summer schedules
*On RFPI, all programs including WOR and COM stay at same UT all year;
 15049 down now, and 7450 expanded, plus 21815-USB
*All our times on WWCR shift one UT hour earlier but not until Sunday
 April 1; no frequency changes until June
*On WRN we probably shift one UT hour earlier, but other permanent
 time changes are possible
*Check our website for latest schedule changes, plus DX Listening
 Digest for much more detail on many WOR stories:
*WOR times on WBCQ also shift one UT hour earlier from April
*BBCM calculates the top ten SW stations in terms of program-hours
 per week; WWCR is #9
*Combined summer schedules of US private SW stations from FCC;
*WWCR cuts 2390 to only one hour; WGTG still listed instead of WWFV;
 and WMLK again registered on 15265
*VOA Director Sandy Ungar going to a new job July 1 as president of
 Goucher College; successor at VOA unknown
*GBGM of UMC finally gets less polysyllabic name, Radio Africa
 International; summer schedule
*RCI hard hit by Week of Confusion with separate schedule for that
 week only; some new times and frequencies, programs from April 1
*R. Sweden expanding relays via Canada
*RVI gives conflicting info on time for English, and new name for
 station: Flanders International Radio, or Flanders Radio
*R. Nederland new transmission schedule including other stations it
*Alfa Lima International, Dutch pirate heard in North America on
*Merlin schedule includes RTE Ireland for midyear
*Wales Radio International as timeshifted for midyear, [via England]
*AWR`s new English broadcasts via Austria
*Negative reaction to SRI phasing out SW, from Larry Nebron; Mike
 Cooper says their French broadcast is better than English
*Big fight between Italy and Vatican over electrosmog; see last four
 issues of DXLD 35-36-37-38; easy way out; overlooked point: Santa
 Maria power output has increased greatly over the years
*Past the midpoint of WOR 1073: Standard disclaimer
*Invitation to contribute to or P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702 USA
*New schedule for R. Ukraine International includes 15135, 13590
 toward us in English
*V. of Turkey`s weekly Live from Turkey: UT Tuesdays 2212-2255 on
 11845, 7190 [also webcast via]
*Israel does not go on DST until April 9, but new frequency schedule,
 little change in English
*R. Oman A-01 schedule shows no change in English, still HCJB clash
*R. Djibouti plans to resume SW thanks to UNESCO aid; was on 4780
*R. Galkayo, Somalia at low power on 6985;
*HCJB installed new SW transmitter for R. Kahuzi, Bukavu, Congo DR
*Buea, Cameroon was only SW there last Oct, but blocked in Europe
*R. Nederland, Bonaire, starting M-F DRM to Europe, NAm, digital
*HCJB`s new schedule includes English to India
*R. Corsario Internacional, South American pirate on 14540
*Christian Voice heard with music tests via Darwin, Australia
*V. of Justice, Cambodian clandestine, confirmed again Sat March 17
*Anti-Castro broadcaster Emilio Milian has died, ex-WQBA, WWFE
*The Midnight Cowboy retiring from WBAP after March 29
*New identity for WNIB Chicago is: WDRV-FM, The Drive
*NOAA Weather Radio auditioning new less inhuman computer voices;
 reviews invited:
*Independent Film Channel has ``Short Wave`` program, on animation
*Reconditioned Grundig Satellit 800s sold by Heartland America;
*Boing-boing intruder evicted from 12m hamband, but still on 12 MHz?
 It`s CODAR from Honduras, explained at
*Kentucky State Militia Radio still not busted; had coded messages
 [later: but not heard UT March 22 or 23; fate unknown yet]
*We`ve had auroral conditions; see
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, March 20; flux range 155-140-160
*That`s World of Radio 1073; I`m Glenn Hauser        ###