WORLD OF RADIO #1072, produced March 14, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New March edition of Continent of Media 01-03 should start March 16
 on RFPI, Fridays 1900 plus usual repeats
*New edition of Mundo Radial starts March 16 on WWCR, Fridays 2215
 on 9475
*WWCR carrying Public Radio International program Dialogue; lobby for
 other public radio programs to get SW exposure
*New Mexico to get its second SW station, at Pinon, two 50 kW by
 same missionary organization as HRMI Honduras, IMF
*Other DX programs will be featuring coverage of SW Winterfest of
 last weekend; including Viva Miami on WRMI, UT Sundays 0330 on 7385;
 see for other possible airtimes
*HAARP says it was not on the air when some believed they were
 receiving it on 3390; so what was it?
*Excellent wrapup by Harry Helms about mysterious signals on 1136
 from restricted areas in Nevada, tho inconclusive: the Newsroom at
*Coordinated downtime of 1080 stations KRLD and WTIC postponed from
 March 4 to March 18, early Sunday morning
*FCC relaxing requirements on directional AM stations to measure
 radials ensuring correct operation
*Kentucky State Militia Radio, SW clandestine on 3260-USB, operating
 regular schedule, an hour every night (recording); possibly facing
 armed resistance, will the FCC rush to bust it as it did relatively
 insignificant FM pirates?
*New calls and format for ex-classical WNIB 97.1 Chicago revealed
 March 15 at 7 am
*R. Vancouver International never reported by any known DXer, and
 now seems to have given up on SW
*Another Canadian ethnic programmer seeking investors for a SW
 station, Dimple Seth with Indian film music in Montreal
*Allan Weiner attended SW Winterfest this year for the first time,
 and announced at banquet that the M/V Katie will be outfitted with
 SW transmitter, and go to Belize this summer where licensing is
 assured, ``radio fun`` promoting SW; WBCQ had a stretch limo
 standing by at Kulpsville
*HRMI, Honduras, back after a year on new 5010; same organization
 planning SW in New Mexico
*Cesar Objio writing a book on history of radio in the Dominican
 Republic, and wants copies of any verifications to illustrate;
 send to him at Calle Enrique Henriques 69, Ensanche Lugo, Gazcue,
 Santo Domingo
*Alo, Presidente, Venezuelan call-in via Cuba back after hiatus, and
 better frequency for North America, 9820, Sundays 1400-1800
*You`re listening to the winner of the 2001 Fessenden Award, WOR.
 This is edition 1072, or P O Box 1684, Enid
 OK 73702 USA; website including recent audio files, DX Listening
 Digest, WOR, COM summaries:
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Bill Flynn
*R. Estacion X, out-of-band Peruvian on 5544.7 with romantic music
*R. Sarandi del Yi, new Uruguayan on the air, 6154 (recording)
*Site with articles about African media
 including Liberia:
*ORTM, Bamako, Mali heard with weekly English news magazine
*R. Cameroon, Buea provincial station scheduled with English on 6005
*V. of Turkey trying live call-in; set up via --
 and VOT`s summer frequencies to North America
 [later: call-in is UT Tue 2315 on 9655; not UT Monday: DXLD 1-035]
*BSKSA, Sa`udi Arabia heard with English on SW; by mistake?
*Arabic and Kurdish language schedule on R. Bopeshawa clandestine
*Sedaye Mojahed, Iranian clandestine does not have home frequencies
 ending in XX20
*All India Radio, Goa, in the clear with English news
*Bill Flynn, Oregon celebrating his 54th year of DXing
*Tirth Raj Prayag proposed new name for Allahabad, India
*R. Thailand frequency change for North America now in effect: 13695
*V. of Justice, clandestine for Cambodia, missing alternate weeks,
 and the week in between at wrong time
*R. Korea International monthly tourism specials on Thursdays, but
 varying month to month; in March on the 22nd
*Christian Voice, frequency schedule via Darwin for A-01 season
*R. New Zealand International new frequency schedule from March 18,
 with the end of DST
*BBC WS previews: final edition of Waveguide from March 23;
 Counterpoint; Essential Guide on global warming, genetic
 manipulation. Times may change from March 25
*R. Nova International, UK pirate on 9290, heard in Pennsylvania
*March 18th is 25th anniversary of death of Eddie Startz, original
 Happy Station host
*R. France International halved English at 12 and 14, adding
 morning English to Africa, but not on SW
*Swiss Radio International phasing out SW by end of 2004; but to NAm
 ending this year; plans to be internet-only, English-only
*YLE R. Finland staying with English in morning this summer to NAm
*President of Yugoslavia promotes RY resuming SW via Bosnia
*R. Bulgaria`s summer English schedule, all on `even` frequencies
*R. Tirana, Albania`s summer English schedule
*R. Prague stays on 21745 in our mornings, but not to NAm
*Russians have invented ``bioresonance pictographic modulator`` to
 protect us against radiation from TV, computers, cellphones
*Propagation outlook from Boulder March 13: flux range 150-140-165
*That`s WOR 1072; I`m Glenn Hauser                          ###