WORLD OF RADIO #1070, produced Feb. 21, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*RFPI has reactivated 15049, 2200-0400; 7450 now at 0200-0800
*WBCQ2 timechange again for WOR repeat: UT Sunday 0300 on 9335-CUSB
*V. of Justice, new opposition Cambodian weekly on SW; 49 Street 214,
 Phnom Penh. Transmitter site not yet
 known. (Recording) Content of first broadcast. ``Vitthayu Samleng
 Yuttethoar`` may start 10-minute English summary segment;
*R. Taibei Internacional running a contest: draw or paint a portrait
 of yourself, deadline April 30; had nothing
 about it in English
*R. Pyongyang changed to V. of Korea Feb 16 on Kim Jong-Il`s birthday
*AFN Diego Garcia as logged in Canada
*R. New Zealand International closes for maintenance on the third
 Thursday of each month, 2230-0255, sometimes also 0310-0800.
 Mailbox can be downloaded from website, and another airtime soon,
 Mondays 0705 fortnightly
*R. Madagascar nice source of hi-fi music on 5 MHz
*Mozambican internet station, not the official one, on
*Somali shortwave activity of three stations; Hargeisa schedule
*Standard disclaimer
*Edition MLXX of World of Radio, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA or
*Thanks this time for financial support go to William T. Hassig, IL
*Argentine MW station R. Luz del Mundo deliberately harmonicizes on
 6 MHz (recording); offers to QSL from Catamarca 2560, 1847 Rafael
 Calzada, BA, Argentina
*R. Nacional del Paraguay reactivated on 9 MHz
*Summertime in Brazil ended Feb 18; states now back on UT -3; website
 about time in Brazil: with seconds signals
*La Voz del Llano, Colombia, varies even further from nominal
*More on Puerto Rico`s new X-bander
*Strange signal aside 1140 in Nevada, Las Vegas off-frequency or
 strange military test? See DXLD 1-021, 22, 24
*[The Connection] host Christopher Lydon and producer at WBUR Boston
 locked out in salary/ownership dispute; see 
*Boston`s public TV WGBH uneasy about production future with PBS cuts
*New R. Vancouver International on and SW via Taiwan
*Iceland longwave easy in North America; ex-resident of Iceland
 David Hodgson enjoys it in Nashville
*Another media program bites the dust: BBC WS Waveguide ends after
 March edition
*Another good frequency for The Story of Africa on BBC; expect it
 to be archived on web
*Who needs the BBC? in March Atlantic Monthly:
*BBC staff vote to take industrial action, strike, or work-to-rule
*R. Nova International testing on 9 MHz band
*R. Garadrika, Russia, a.k.a. R. Studio Doma, on 6 MHz marine band,
 shifting frequency
*R. Iraq International pounding in to Quebec on 11 MHz band
*Sedaye Mojahed, clandestine for Iran, has news in English ondemand,
 not shortwave:
*R. Oman still with a second hour in English
*HAARP transmitter in Alaska heard with greatly increased strength
*160 meter SWL and ham DX contest Feb 23-25; details in DXLD 1-023
*Sun flipping magnetic field, a sure time solar max has arrived: 
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Feb 20; flux range 145-165-135
*And that`s WOR 1070; Glenn Hauser inviting you back next week  ###