WORLD OF RADIO #1069, produced Feb 14, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*RFPI`s main frequency continues to be 7450, at least 0000-0800 UT
*New on RFPI is Live Wire Independent News, M-Th 1730 plus repeats
 6 and 12 [not 18] hours later.
*WDWN 89.1 Auburn NY dropped WRN and WOR for automated music; see
 DXLD 1-017 for campaign to get WRN back
*New WOR time on WBCQ-2, UT Sunday 0200 on 9335-CUSB; late last week
 due to power failure which also interrupted debut of Saturday
 afternoon entertainment
*Marion`s Attic also supposed to be UT Sundays 0000 on 17495 as well
 as UT Sundays 0200 on 7415
*Brother Scare interfered with 17495 from 17490 via Germany to NAm
*Christian Science Monitor Feb 8: Cutbacks at VOA Prompt Critical
*Unidentifed pirate heard on 19 MHz
*New Puerto Rican on 1660 is WGIT, Canovanas, better heard in Europe
*R. Casino, Costa Rica, reactivated
*We monitored Venezuela`s ``Alo Presidente`` via Cuba Sunday morning;
 see DXLD 1-019
*Venezuelan MW harmonic R. San Felipe
*Colombian MW harmonics R. Microfono Civico, and listed R. Bohemia
*Rdif. Nacional, Colombia, running year-long contest on Club de
 Oyentes; see DXLD 1-021, which if you are hearing an early airing
 of this program, has not yet been published
*HCJB testing live streaming UT Feb 14-16, but not working when we
 checked; try -- We would prefer
 ondemand programs at our convenience
*R. Nuevo Amanecer is latest name for frequently-changing Peruvian
*R. San Juan, Peru, frequency keeps changing
*R. El Libertador, Utcubamba province, Peru new one on 48 m band
*Voz Cristiana, Chile, transmitter site name is Calera de Tango
*Miami Springs 1700 confirmed now parallel to Voz Cristiana on SW
*Two Falkland Islands MW frequencies active, heard on cruise
*Less than half the time for WOR 1069 has now expired, and it seems
 I have covered less than a third of the material I want to; read
 more in DXLDs via the WOR website
*But we always want more info to or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Alan Roycroft, Hawaii, legendary engineer and a great friend of
 DXers, died Feb 12 at age 80
*R. Australia updated complete English program schedule may not be
 on their website, but is in DXLD 1-018
*This week`s Feedback deals with RA schedule problems
*R. Western Highlands, Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea, is back
*R. Republik Indonesia is finally constructing website also with an overseas service page
*First internet TV station for [not from] Vietnam, based in Switzerland; see DXLD 1-021
*R. Thailand original SW transmitters inactive; just using IBB Udorn
*John Bryant has compiled updated list of Japanese MW stations, pdf:
*China and Armenia clash on same frequency to Europe
*Azerbaijan again being heard on 32 meter band
*V. of Turkey changing a frequency to North America Feb 18, odd date
*R. Bopeshawa, Kurdish clandestine, believed coming from Bulgaria;
 address announced is P O Box 22266, London SE5, UK
*Abkhaz Radio, Georgia schedule
*Former Serbian broadcast chief in custody, charged with not
 evacuating broadcasting headquarters after notifed of NATO bombers
 coming; Slobodan Miloshevich also knew; see DXLD 1-013 as well
*R. Liberty will start broadcasts in Chechen and other North
 Caucasian languages, and Russians complain; see DXLD 17, 18 and 21
*RFE/RL has just started publishing Media Matters, free by E-mail or
*Estonia not on SW, but English programs on demand via
*Three Vatican Radio officials, one a cardinal, to be tried for
 violating Italy`s EMF standards; could go to prison for a year
*VOA Director Sandy Ungar staying in job, believing he is insulated
 from political control by the new ``president``
*But Deutsche Welle Intendant Dieter Weirich will step down March 31
 due to political changes; see DXLD 1-021
*Greg Dyke plans to axe 750 more BBC jobs this year, after 250 in his
 first year, saving a great many megapounds, total to exceed a
 gigapound saved over six years
*BBCWS website sidelined links to entertainment streams, in favor of
 news at the top
*Waveguide on BBCWS airs Feb 16-19 instead of Write On
*Blues World on BBCWS Music Mix for six weeks
*Somaliland complains that BBC Somali news is not accurate and
*CHNX Halifax off the air again; may not come back
*CBC Northern Quebec has English from Rankin Inlet studio weekdays
*New Hampshire Public Radio converts format from classical to news-
 talk; see
*WNIB, Chicago classical is gone; Bonneville took over Feb 12, with
 one-artist-per-day stunts; real new format early spring a closely
 guarded secret. WFMT changes slogan from Fine Arts to Classical
*New Republic story on how NPR worked to limit or kill lowpower FM:
*WRN1 to NAm replaced Caribbean program with YLE Radio Finland
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 13; flux range 140-165-145
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1069           ###