WORLD OF RADIO #1068, produced February 7, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*RFPI testing new 7450 instead of 7480; reports wanted, at 0000-0800
 including resumption of our [suspended] broadcasts; 15049 off but
 may return on 15065;
*See our new page linking to all our audio storage sites, summaries:
*Excellent new portal heartily
 recommended for easy listening to webcasts, station sites
*W-BACH adding in April a classical FM station for Bar Harbor, Maine
*PBS stations in Long Island, NY plan merger
*Public TV via cable may not be multi-channel once digital, thanks to
 FCC regulation
*DirecTV wipes out bootleggers` smart H-cards, ``GAME OVER``; see
*SCTV time on NBC an hour later than given last week; feel guilty
 while watching as cast members get no residuals from NBC
*WBCQ starts regular service on 17495, including music, merriment and
 fun on Saturday afternoons only from Complex Variables Studio
*WWCR promoting service to Japan on 7435 thanks to rhombic sidelobe;
 why WWCR likes rhombics. Usage of 2390 reduced from next season
*You have now heard at least half of WOR 1068, P O Box 1684, Enid
 OK 73702 USA; or Website for our schedules,
 DX Listening Digest, Nets to You, DX program schedule, much more:
*Paul Harvey News and Comment gets early airing on WFLA 25 MHz
*CBC and RCI special week: Troubled Waters, Feb 11-17 on several
 different programs;
*R. Sweden well heard via Sackville, but gap with direct frequency
 varies, so must be playing pre-recorded tapes; WRN feed used, and
 Swedish has priority once feed for it established
*Juelich, Germany, experimental relays of WYFR Feb 12-25 to Africa
*BBCWS website redesigned; to get program schedule displayed you
 have to enter your ``nearest city``; no good on lynx text-based
 browsers, so old format still available: see DXLD 1-013; review by
 Richard Cuff in DXLD 1-014
*BBCWS preview: Essential Guide to the XXI Century: Goodbye Village,
 Hello City for five weeks
*BBCWS to Africa, Story of Africa, best chance for North America
*Another go at Israel`s English schedule, not including alternates
*R. Hurriah about to launch clandestine programming into Iraq from
 Kurdistan, overtly US-supported; see DXLD 1-013; Kuwait MW otherwise
*Kurdistan SW target list:
*R. Bopeshawa clandestine to Kurdistan very amateurish so far
*R. Pakistan`s new frequencies at 0800 including a bit of English
*All India Radio sent E-mail referring to earthquake special
 Internet Helpline via
*Jeff Kadet reports on his month visiting Lao; see DXLD 1-017 soon
*South Korea still has numbers station to the North
*From the primary backers of
 WorldSpace finally identified as Sa`udi billionaires; ramifications
 for US satellite broadcasting. See DXLD 1-016
*V. of Hope, Sudanese clandestine somehow heard via Bonaire
*R. Nacional del Paraguay missing from 9 MHz
*Yucatan SW station back on air, Grupo RASA, relaying different
*V. of Guyana Hindu broadcast wiped out by Christians at WYFR
*RFI on 2m AM [not FM as I said] in Venezuela computed to be
 external mixing between TV video channel and SW from France;
 see DXLDs 1-013 through 017 under France [non]
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Feb 6; flux range 180-155-170
*You have now heard over 99% of WOR 1068; Glenn Hauser, here,
 inviting you to hear me again next week                      ###