WORLD OF RADIO #1067, produced January 31, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*RFPI back on 7480, and 15049, longer hours? Also daytime 21815-USB
*R. Amanecer Internacional, Dominican Republic reactivated
*Venezuelan President`s show relayed by Cuba found on two frequencies
*FARC clandestine broadcasts from Colombia on FM spill over into
 Venezuela, causing concern, Onda Caribe Rebelde; see DXLD 1-013
*RFI heard in Venezuela on 2 meters; could be 12th harmonic of 12 MHz
*HCJB confirmed with higher power on 21 MHz; running open carrier
*New 21 MHz site:
*R. Interoceanica, Ecuador, reactivated on 60m
*R. San Juan, de Sallique, Jaen, Peru varies on 4 MHz band
*R. Nacional da Amazonia resumed on 6 MHz, relaying Rio
*Africa Number One, Gabon, has started webcasting via France:
*R. Lusofonia turns into US gospel relay in English
*Swaziland stations bought by Brazilian cult
*Baidoa, Somalia, station seized by rival militia group, moved
*Aydid refurbishes V. of the People of the Somali Republic
*R. Hargeisa has audio via website
*V. of the Worker-Communist Party of Iraq starting new
 broadcast on 9 MHz; see
 R. Bopeshawa, i.a. spellings, means Forward; see DXLD 1-012
 [time omitted, 1500-1600 UT]
*The media magazine you monitor with hour mind, WOR 1067. Address: or or P O Box 1684, Enid
 OK 73702 USA; fax 1-580-233-2946 attn Hauser; see our website for text and audio
*Thanks this week for financial support go to: Jim Wishner
*R. Jordan hopes to resume 17 MHz, but 11 MHz has mailbag show
*Israel`s new English schedule includes new 7, 13 MHz frequencies
*QSL from V. of Jammu and Kashmir Freedom Movement with schedule,
 goodies; Post Box 102, Muzzafarabad, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
*All India Radio Leh, Ladakh, heard on changed 60m frequency; see
 DXLD 1-012
*Hams working emergency traffic after earthquake in India ask for
 clear frequencies; see DXLD 1-012
*Thomcast selling high-power SW and MW transmitters to India
*JJY, Japan`s timesignal station to be decommissioned March 31
 see timesignal websites: 
*North Korea suspended SW broadcast of code matrix numbers for spies
*Bob Padula publishes China Shortwave Guide, free on request from or small charge for hard copy
*CNR-5 from China to Taiwan, SW schedule, mostly out of band
*New English from China on 17 MHz, believed another Cuban relay test
*R. Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea, is not inactive on 90m
*R. Australia starts, then reduces relays via Saipan, Tinian
*New series on BBC WS start this week: Plain English; Health Matters;
 The Story of Africa from Feb 9
*R. Sweden just started relay swap with Canada; at last audible in
 North American evenings on 31m; ahead of direct frequency
*RCI starting new service to South Asia via Holland
*SCTV, tremendous Canadian comedy series is back on NBC, replacing
 Later, original feed 0635 UT Tue-Fri [not 0535 as I said]
*WGSR, Florida, special MW DX test February 3
*WILM, Delaware, special MW DX test February 4
*Cybershortwave Live guest Feb 4 is John Figliozzi on Winter SWL Fest
 -- details via
*Sandy Ungar, Clinton appointee, not yet resigned as VOA Director;
 more languages to be cut this year; see DXLD 1-012
*WWFV new frequencies announced including 14 MHz band!
*19 MHz area might be used by US pirates
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Jan 30: flux range 150-175-155
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1067           ###