WORLD OF RADIO #1066, produced January 17, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*New Jan-Feb edition of Mundo Radial starts Jan 17 on WWCR, Fridays
 2215 on 9475, repeated weekly
*Spanish translation of my 2000 SW Year in Review at
*The disadvantages of SSB for broadcasting; example: Turkmenistan
*R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, English broadcasts monitored
*All India Radio, Ranchi making it into North America on 60m
*Bangladesh Betar in English as heard in Denmark
*R. Thailand changed English frequency to Europe; see DXLD 1-008
*R. P`yongyang complete English schedule, includes spurs?
*V. of Tibet, clandestine, latest frequencies for two broadcasts
*VOT not mentioned in survey of most popular stations among exile
 Tibetans; VOA leads all the others, VOA says; see DXLD 1-007
*Why does China bother to participate in frequency coordination
 meetings, since it put two transmitters on longtime VOA outlets?
*Iran reports its schedule, but does not take part in discussions
*Iranian paper claims CIA was backing National Iranian TV from LA
*V. of the Communist Party of Iran, monitored on 80m in Britain
*R. Station Freedom, V. of the Communist Party of Iraqi Kurdistan
 heard on 80m in Lithuania
*Clinton administration approves plan to help Iraqi opposition
 thru Iraqi National Congress, including TV and radio, says Jan 14
 Washington Post, from inside northern Iraq
*R. Jordan announces English will be on 11 instead of 17 MHz
*Standard disclaimer
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*Israel`s first web TV about to launch,
*IBA TV news in English on demand via
*Angola foreign language schedule monitored, differs from awful WRTH
*R. Lusofonia from South Africa is in English, not Portuguese
*RCD rebel station from Congo DR believed heard again
*RVI Belgium expands broadcasts to Congo DR
*V. of Greece may have started testing new transmitters; schedule
*La Mejor Musica de Nuestro Sello, fine music program from Spain
*Quote, Unquote, back on BBCWS for six weeks
*No SW from El Salvador, so try webcasts
 or or
*Honduran net to assist El Salvador on 7090
*Colombian MW harmonics: La Basica 1040; R. Uno; Armonias del Palmar
*Ecuadorian MW harmonic: La Voz de la Juventud, Canyar; R. Monumental
*HCJB seems using high power AM on 21 MHz instead of ham SSB unit
*Argentine ISB feeder with broadcasters heard as LTA with traffic
*LRA36 Antarctica plans return to SW on Jan 20
*Venezuelan president`s Sunday morning call-in via and also on SW via R. Habana Cuba, R.
 Rebelde, but which frequencies?
*Analyis of Terion SW frequency usage, 4486-23515; see DXLD 1-006
*KCFM, classical for Tulsa, converts to KTSO, Tulsa`s Soft Oldies
*Special public radio program from Jan 20, The Struggle for Iran,
*For owners of Sony ICF-2010:
*WWV asking listeners to write for questionnaire from
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Jan 16; flux range 150-180
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*This was WOR 1066; me? I`m Glenn Hauser                 ###