WORLD OF RADIO #1061, produced December 6, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*New edition of Mundo Radial starts Dec 8, Fridays 2215 on 9475
*RFPI`s new frequency 7480 started Dec 5, 0000-0400 or longer; reports
*RFPI`s next step: changing 15049 to 15065; repeat schedule 6/12/18
 hours past original broadcast
*WOR still on C-SPAN satellite relaying WRN1, Sat 1500, F3-7 5.2 MHz
*V. of Russia missing from 7 MHz to NAm; ice collapsed LW/MW mast in
 Dnester/Moldova, in turn crushing down SW antennas; power down too
*Ukraine not yet heard on new frequency to N America
*Rick Slobodian reports on superpower SW tests from Ukrainian SSR to
 N America, burning hole in ionosphere, also modifying weather
*Austria finally gets English feed to Sackville relay
*Belgium changes frequency to avoid clash, encounters another clash
*France experimenting with compatible SSB on 50 metres
*BBC WS previews: Omnibus on Charing Cross Road; Fire: Tool or Weapon;
 Poetic Portrait of Amsterdam; Fire at La Fenice. The Music Mix:
 Legacies of John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix
*Methodist SW tests to Africa monitored (recording). Not just
 preaching, but programs on health and social issues. Regular start
 January 1. Mission statement in DXLD 0-151.
*Lowpower FM in the US may be dead issue as FCC chairman plans to
*Compiling a list of the few FM stations which do not run 24 hours:
 send info to Saul Chernos,
*The halfway point of WOR 1061, or P O Box 1684,
 Enid OK 73702 USA; fax 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser. See our website including DXLD, WOR audio
*WNIB, Chicago classical being sold for 169 megadollars
*The end is near for Denver`s classical KVOD. See story at
*Big fight in Houston between students and administration of Rice
 University over KTRU [later: dispute settled Dec. 8]
*Houston has two classical stations, both thriving
*WNYC about to take over management of Board of Education`s WNYE
*Check public radio listings as early as Dec 15 for Paul Winter
 Consort Solstice Live concert; on WNYC Dec 21
*Extension 720 from WGN Chicago previews for December; more info and
 audio links via
*PBS airing Tesla: Master of Lightning sesquihour documentary mainly
 on Tuesday Dec 12
*New website remembering NBC`s weekend radio program Monitor, including sounds
*RCI plans more in-house production, less CBC via SW; adding 6 MHz
 to NAm at 0200
*Guylaine Saucier resigns as chairperson of CBC
*Fran‡oise Bertrand resigns as head of CRTC
*Mexican agency blocks Televisa merger of Radiąpolis with Acir
*Dominican Republic quits UT-5, back to UT-4 after one month
*24-hour strike against ABC and Radio Australia, lack of confidence
 in new management; but ABC then asks for more money and PM considers.
 Much more in DXLD 0-150, 0-151 and,4057,1483640%255E10430,00.html 
*One Hanoi domestic frequency comes from a different site
*V. of Tibet clandestine moves back closer to us on 15685
*Iraq closes down Mojahedin e-Khalq, and its clandestine broadcasts
 against Iran
*Israel moving from 11 to 6 MHz for two English broadcasts; and
 Hebrew service also moves lower
*Ethiopia and Eritrea about to sign pact ending border war; and less
 clandestine broadcasting back and forth?
*R. Banaadir, Somalia, changes 7 MHz frequency
*Joe Buch on the disadvantages of SSB for broadcasting, including WGTG
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Dec 5: flux range 145-200-150
*With a standard disclaimer, Glenn Hauser, here, concluding WOR 1061 #