WORLD OF RADIO #1060, produced November 29, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*RFPI Costa Rica starts new schedule Dec 1 with repeat cycle of
 6-12-18 hours later instead of 8 and 16, so many new times for
 World of Radio and Continent of Media; details in DXLD 0-145 and at
 our website And new
 frequencies 7480 and 15065 starting soon
*DXers Calling provides loop of WOR, DXing with Cumbre and South
 Pacific DX Report, at
*WBCQ2 tested new 17495, quite good even at reduced power
*VOA Botswana again clashing with WBCQ1 on 7415
*WRNO on the air with Brother Scare at very low power, off-frequency
*FCC seeks comments on proposal for HF messaging system, by Terion
 Inc.; could interfere with ham, SWBC bands using a total of more
 than 11 MHz; comments by Dec. 18 referencing DA-00-2600
*Pres. Clinton signs bill allowing state and local officials to
 enforce CB violaions, since FCC won`t, HR 2346
*Timeline for new Toronto 740 kHz station, and consequent changes
 at two others
*New Africa page, frequency list:
[P.S. Dec. 3: Dear Glenn - Tried twice to access the Africa-list web
 site in your no. 1060 edition, and each time my computer went down as
 the site seems to add an unlimited amount of /default.html 's. (Erik
 Koie in Copenhagen) Same here when we checked; avoid! It was OK when
 we originally checked it -gh]
*Latest monitoring of English news from Voice of Africa, Libya
*R. Nigeria, Abuja FM and SW facility construction on schedule
*R. Nigeria one kHz off frequency
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1060;
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or -- fax if
 really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser
*Tip for rational living: the Earth/Peace Calendar starting in 1969,
 new names for days of week and months of year; details and download
*E-mail verification received from R. Tele-Liberte, Congo DR
 clandestine, says it will be back in December;
*Somali interim government plans own radio station with Kuwaiti aid
*BBC WS previews early December; see DXLDs for more details. Play of
 the Week: Born to be Wilde, and Ghosts; Heart & Soul: The Dao of
 Survival; World of Music: Nights of the Goddess; People & Places:
 Women of the World; Discovery: Life Story of the Earth
*Journalists` strike against BBC WS gave us respite from oversupply
 of news last weekend
*London Live presents world music Saturdays 2000-2200 UT,
*New blind-friendly radio-related website in UK:
 >A HREF="">
*R. Alfa Lima International, Dutch pirate, heard in NAm and phoned
*Methodist Church test to Africa via DTK Germany Dec 4-10
*R. Prague on 5055 explained as mixing product
*Ukraine changing North American frequency December 5; reports to or
*R. Retro, Russia, heard on 60m
*V. of Greece changed N American frequency, but moved it closer to
 RTTY; and another switches bands; more times for English news
*Broadcast journalists` strike planned in Italy Dec 11-12
*R. Jordan switching to 17680 earlier, now clashing with France
*Iran`s R. Shalom service is anti-Zionist
*WorldSpace starts digital satellite audio service to India; and
 receivers already on sale in New Delhi
*Three Indians states split into two, resulting in more DXing
 possibilities; details in DXLD 0-143 and 0-146
*More on Bhutan`s new schedule, including English
*Ramadan in Indonesia has started; VOI remodeled; latest European
*R. San Jose, Bolivia, reactivated; R. Constelacion reactivated too
*R. Celendin, Peru, letting La Voz del Campesino try transmitter;
 see DXLD 0-143, 0-144; and lengthy list of SW stations in Peru by
 frequency in 0-145
*13 and 4 MHz bands have swoop-swoop-swoop, or zoop-zoop-zoop noise,
 ``national windshield wiper synchronization signal``
*Propagation outlook from Boulder November 28; flux range 180-145-195
*That`s WOR 1060; I`m Glenn Hauser               ###