WORLD OF RADIO #1059, produced November 21, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*Our first broadcast on SW is on WBCQ, UT Thursdays 0030 on 7415,
 repeated exactly [3] days later, UT Sundays 0030 on 9335 USB
*Audio files posted soon after production, linked at our website
*Update on La Voz de Atitlan, Guatemala, now on FM only, but still
 has tower and transmitters for AM and SW
*Another mixing product from Dr. Gene Scott in Costa Rica
*Montsinery, French Guiana relay sporadically back on air, still
 alternating with Issoudun, France
*TDF in France has great spare capacity, nobody wants to use
*Best alternate time for BBC Write On and Waveguide in North America
 is to Africa
*Times last week for BBC`s What Rubbish corrected
*BBC Previews: Play of the Week by Oscar Wilde; Russia: Gold Domes,
 Black Earth
*Radiofax complains to UK Office of Fair Trading that Merlin
 Communications has monopoly on shortwave
*Controversy over Sealand, plans for amateur operation in December
 See DX Listening Digests 0-141, 0-142 and 
*R. Prague, Czech Republic, reported on 5 MHz band
*V. of Greece shifted one frequency to North America
*V. of Russia`s morning broadcast to western North America expanded
 to two hours on Sunday
*R. Sweden adds outofband frequency due to Iran on their traditional
 frequency, being maintained to disturb the intruder
*Iran may have a second `R. Shalom` service to Israel
*Galei Zahal, Israeli Defence Forces, monitored on both frequencies
 for more than six hours
*[Nigeria and Morocco items in headlines omitted, but can be read in
 DXLD 0-141 and DXLD 0-136 respectively]
*Bhutan has new morning broadcast on 6 MHz
*Vanuatu on 60m heard at local noon in Sweden
*R. Tahiti, mediumwave received in New Hampshire
*Ontario 740 coming back as CHWO, open carriers heard
*Standard disclaimer
*WOR 1059; edress and pdress P O Box 1684,
 Enid OK 73702 USA
*Thanks for financial support from Alan Bosch 
*Vile Cretins website is useful and entertaining:
*Check our websites: and
*RCI webcast schedule has additional airings of CBC shows, such as
 0300-0500 UT
*Monday November 27 is elexion day in Canada and RCI will have special
 coverage; see new DX Listening Digest for schedule
*The movie `Bounce` bounced from satellite in encrypted digital feed
 from Tulsa into NYC theatre
*NRC AM Radio Log, new 21st edition, now available, listing all US
 and Canadian MW stations, primarily by frequency; $22.95 ppd (plus
 sales tax in NY), to USA and Canada from National Radio Club,
 Publications Center, Box 164, Dept. W, Mannsville, NY 13661-0164 USA
 Make checks payable to National Radio Club, Inc.
*KOQI, 1200, Soquel, California, plays same CD over and over awaiting
 sale, owner unknown
*Announcer for Focus on the Family resigns over extramarital affair
*Look for North American pirates on these 21 and 26 MHz frequencies
*AFRTS is propaganda-laden, unlike British Forces Broadcasting Service
*WMLK appears to be running carrier without modulation; no schedule
 at website
*One-stop directory of just about all web-tunable SW receivers
*Euro MW Guide, updated, free as pdf download via
*Chief Engineers at American TV stations are not qualified, managers
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, November 21; flux range 180-200-140
*Quick correxions: WOR second broadcast 3 days after first at WBCQ
*No capital N in november for WOR ftp link via WRN as said last week
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1059               ###