WORLD OF RADIO #1057, produced November 8, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Recorded before US presidential elexion decided; the winner was:
 Dan Rather on CBS, more alert than other anchors and full of wacky
 Texas metaphors
*Our website came back as WOR 1056 started airing
*Now available: latest WOR audio via our websites; click on at top
 of | It`s a large 7 MB file
 needing a fast connexion and not for WebTV; download or stream
 [32.1 kbps, not `kpbs` as I said, Sandiegoly]
*WOR still scheduled UT Sat 0130 on 3215 tho missing last week
*Additional time on WWCR: Sunday 2000 on 12160 if logistically
*So WOR on WWCR schedule is now: Thu 2130 on 15685, Fri 1030 7435,
 Sat 0130 3215, Sat 1230 15685, Sun 0330 & 0728 on 5070, Sun 1930
 15685, Sun 2000 12160, Mon 0100 3215, Mon 0600 3210, Tue 1200 on
*New Mundo Radial, monthly Spanish DX report, starts November 10,
 Fridays 2215 on 9475
*New November Continent of Media 0009 started today on RFPI; see
 website for all the times and summary; later via
*Montsinery relay in French Guiana expected back this week, two
 months after fire
*HCJB surprise move of Ham Radio Today to Saturday
 [but still heard on Wednesday too]
*Peruvian harmonic on 13 MHz band, R. Ondas del Pacifico
*R. Rebelde, Cuba SW heard on 3rd and 2nd harmonics
*R. Litoral, Honduras opening an hour earlier in morning, frequency
*Mexican free radio stations: R. Rocco on 25 MHz band; R. Urantia on
 27 MHz; see DXLD 0-133
*Dennis Miller`s obscure references on Monday Night Football explained
*WCLV, classical in Cleveland, moving to AM and another FM frequency;
 more about it in COM 0009
*WNYC-FM and webcasting added new anthology shows: Studio 360, and
 The Next Big Thing;
*November is centenary of the birth of Aaron Copland; special programs
 on WETA-FM, WNYC and others; see DXLD 0-135
*Annual Radio Hall of Fame Sat Nov 18 at 9 pm CT; WLS, WGN, WABC, WOL
*WBCQ has other DX programs, The Real Amateur Radio Show, Tom & Darryl
 and Off the Hook
*Saturday November 11 is Veteran`s Day; special amateur radio
 operations in DXLD 0-135
*CFRX, Toronto lost its audio again
*Times for some CBC programs still on RCI: The House, Basic Black,
 Quirks & Quarks, Madly Off in All Direxions, Global Village, Inside
*RCI redesigned website with program search funxion, hard to use,
 confusing and inaccurate
*Maple Leaf Mailbag airing in first half of Sunday hours, despite
 schedule showing second half
*RCI is testing Nov 8-9-10 to South Asia via Flevo, Netherlands
*More than halfway through WOR 1057, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702
 USA or If really necessary fax 1-580-233-2948
 attn Hauser
*New B00 schedule of RTE Ireland via various sites, but 0130 seems
 Skelton instead of Sackville
*Don`t you believe BBC On Air listings to Americas at 1300-1700 which
 are one hour off
*BBC WS Previews: The Copland Years, Internet Dreamers, Future
 Goldmines, Heritage
*BBC Radio 3 has a weekend on Aaron Copland, Nov 11-12; check
*BBC Radio 4 has new series of Desert Island Discs, Sundays & Fridays
*RFI`s new schedule in English from France
*REE`s new schedule in English from Spain [0500 not 0200 as I said]
*R. Polonia`s new schedule in English from Poland
*R. Chechnya Svobodnaya on 75m is mix of 15 and 11 MHz frequencies
*V. of Sudan, clandestine of NDA from Eritrea has closed down
*US Government under Clinton/Gore has downgraded support of
 clandestine broadcasting; Bush would upgrade as important foreign
 policy tool, says CRW
*V. of Hope, new weekly broadcast to Sudan via Madagascar (recording);
 more at
*R. Jordan`s new English schedule improves North American reception
*Iraq still heard with ``Mother of All Battles Radio``; audio improved
 in Arabic, but not European languages which are exceptionally bad
*R. Pakistan shifted 5 kHz already both western European frequencies
*R. Pakistan has ``Assami Service`` in English
*V. of Jammu & Kashmir Freedom clandestine fits into Islamabad
 transmitter schedule
*R. Thailand back on 13 MHz to North America
*V. of Vietnam on new frequency via Canada; relayed Israel by mistake!
*Tahiti has weather broadcast on shortwave, FJA, Mahina Radio
*Vanuatu audible in Europe again on 60 metres
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, November 7; flux range 160-200-170
*Glenn Hauser here concluding World of Radio 1057       ###