WORLD OF RADIO #1053, produced October 4, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*World Radio Network expands coverage by dRadio; see release on
 What`s New/Anomaly Alert at our website
*WWCR had WOR on 9475 instead of 3215 last Sunday evening
*New Continent of Media 00-08 starts on RFPI October 6, and later via See topic summary on our website
*R. Moldova International quit SW at beginning of September, but
 is webcasting five languages including English. See
*Croatian Radio stopped SW via Germany at end of September; but
 domestic SW direct from Croatia continues; schedule
*Austrian Radio dropped English via Canada presaging cutbacks;
 assessing whether to cancel German ``Intermedia`` DX program; see
*R. Republik Abkhazia, Georgia has additional broadcasts
*R. Racja, Poland, heard in Washington state DXpedition
*R. Sweden testing frequency change to North America; special QSL
 and some will get T-shirt
*Longwave special from Norway partly in English postponed to October
 6, though regular transmissions have begun
*Free Radio Service Holland producing tribute to late Joop ter Zee,
 October 29; needs taped or written reminiscences by October 18 to
 P O Box 2727, 6049-BE Herten, The Netherlands; also see DXLD 0-119
*Jonathan Marks decides to quit producing Media Network; finale
 Oct 26 after reruns; was he bored with it? MN to continue as website
 managed by Andy Sennitt
*Andy Kershaw back on BBC, now Radio 3 Sunday nights on World Routes
*Big publicity for new BBCWS October series, I Have a Right, on
 human rights on XXI Century, in Essential Guide slots
*BBC planning five new digital radio services in UK
*RTE Ireland football final has play-off after draw Saturday Oct 7
*Radio Andorra has live audio stream, via
*Dead Dog Cafe comedy segment back on Thursday CBC This Morning
*VOA started new Enfoque Andino especially for Andes
*WRMI about to start testing 15 MHz frequency daytimes, to carry
 endtimes broadcast; better new programs UT Saturdays 0500-0530,
 Seldom Heard Radio (see DXLD 0-117) alternating with Mi Seferino
 about Crypto-Jews,
*Via AM, FM, SW, satellite, cable, internet, WOR 1053, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA;
*Standard disclaimer
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*Portland`s 25 MHz cuing station KPM556 has own website and live
*New expanded band MW station from Georgia; another new one about
 to test from California
*Classical format in Denver about to be taken off KVOD, but from Oct
 9 another AM station there switches to classical; poor coverage
*In Phoenix, 550 and 910 stations exchange so KFYI is talker on 550
*Thursday Oct 5 is 75th anniversary of WSM Nashville; special
 broadcast all day long, including Tom Bryant, QSL manager, at 1600
 UT; also webcast
*MPR producing satirical series on Duke`s presidentical campaign in
*Zero-hour for low-power FM in US Senate
*Hams asked to assist tracking migration of burrowing owls from
 Saskatchewan to Texas; see
*ZJB R. Montserrat has some archive audio via
*New out-of-band Peruvians IDed: Rdif. Comercial Naranjos; R. Estereo;
 R. Ondas del Pacifico; more in DXLD 0-118
*WWV 10 MHz has interference from drug-traffickers in Peru, relays of
 FM station, R. Fuego; US should protest to ITU and SAm admins
*Mauritania not only varies SW frequency but changed MW frequency,
 already DXed on east coast North America
*Galei Zahal, Israel, reactivated on 120m band
*Roger Tidy won trip to Turkey in essay contest; see DXLD 0-118
*SLBC Sri Lanka`s current SW activity in English
*Has anyone yet heard Christian Voice tests from Australia? One test
 frequency has changed
*R. Vanuatu back on 7 MHz, clear in European mornings
*Kingman Reef ham DXpedition Oct 8-24, 3B6RF; details in DXLD 0-118
*JRC NRD-345 receiver has also ceased production
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Oct 3; flux range 200-160-215
*That`s WOR 1053; Glenn Hauser inviting you back next week    ###