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  WORLD OF RADIO #1052, produced September 20, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*RFPI back on 42mb after two months, 6969 kHz, and 15049 no longer
 24 hours; fewer airings for COM and WOR overnight
*Listeners who could not hear 15049 with COM can now use 6969; on
 the web, COM 00-07 now audible at http://www.DXing.com
*Fire at Montsinery relay in French Guiana leads RFI, SRI and NHK
 to move transmissions to France or elsewhere for a month; CRI no
 longer heard
*Swiss Radio International explains the Guiana situation, and
 substitute transmissions, what TDF has done in France
*Thais Silva, wife of Jeff White, has permit for Venezuelan tropical
 station, frequency designated
*Dates for DST in part of Brazil
*Another USB feeder from Argentina, with R. Continental
*Webradio from Peru for news of Fujimori quitting, etc., lacking
 international SW service: http://www.rpp.com.pe and
*Sound effects in background: planes and trains very active in Enid
 this afternoon; it`s finally cool enough to open the windows
*TIFC Costa Rica still putting pulsating noise on 9 MHz band
*Scream of the Butterfly continues on WRMI, and tests this Saturday
 afternoon the 23rd on WBCQ; special QSL from P O Box 1994, Rancho
 Cordova CA 95741
*Sept 23 is also Marion`s Attic first anniversary on WBCQ, simulcast
*Don`t You Believe WINB`s website giving their own frequency wrong;
 nothing but gospel
*Voice of SW Radio, North American AM pirate on 48mb
*The midpoint of edition 1052 of the media magazine you monitor with
 your mind, World of Radio; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or
 wghauser@hotmail.com Fax: 1-580-233-2948 Much more info at our site:
*BBC programme Desert Island Discs copied by other stations, including
 Radio Free Santa Fe, http://www.kbac.com/listenlive.shtm
 and WITF, Hershey PA, http://www.witf.org with Ellen Hughes
*California AG rules Pacifica Foundation directors can be sued on
 behalf of public interest: http://home.pon.net/wildrose/remove.htm
*Special MW DX test season begins Sept 30, from WJNT 1180, Jackson MS;
 report by E-mail only: email@wjnt.com
*Midwest DX Get-together at Tenkiller State Park, OK, Oct 13-15; info
 from John Tudenham, 1-417-624-8058 or w0jrp@earthlink.net
*American Olympic fans complain of no live coverage on NBC; but live
 available on C-band dishes from CBC in Canada (or off air near
 border); we maintain all sports, even play-by-play should be delayed
*Toronto has a pirate TV station: http://www.srtv.on.ca
*C`est la Vie, CBC program introducing French Canada to the English,
 is back for new season, but mid-day Friday and no longer on RCI
*BBC WS quickly closed down due to Olympics alternate stream via
 http://www.broadcast.com but resourceful surfers may still find it
 if they know where to look and other BBC services, such as Radio 4
 are not completely blocked
*BBC On Air magazine has new editor who has made improvements, but
 not enough yet; frequency folder may not be updated
*Global Sound Kitchen still has additional frequency to those
 mentioned last week
*Special longwave 153 broadcast in late September inaugurating new
 transmitter in Ingoy; check http://www.dxlc.com - special QSLs
*Mauritania off frequency again and drifting on 60 meters
*Radio Cairo now has audio site with English archive, Arabic stream
 at http://www.sis.gov.eg/realpg/html1/front.htm
*Iraq, Iran, Kurdish clandestine survey with times monitored is in
 DX Listening Digest 0-114
*Receiver shorts from John Norfolk: Radio Shack has two multibands
 with SW included; and two new SW receivers; see Reception Tips on
 WOR website
*Drake SW-8 production discontinued; no back orders being filled
*First digital radio under 300 pounds launched in Britain, DRX 601-E
*Propagation disturbances this week brought downunder MW to Oregon
*Propagation outlook from Boulder September 19: flux range 215-170-205
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1052          ###