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  WORLD OF RADIO #1052, produced September 20, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*RFPI back on 42mb after two months, 6969 kHz, and 15049 no longer
 24 hours; fewer airings for COM and WOR overnight
*Listeners who could not hear 15049 with COM can now use 6969; on
 the web, COM 00-07 now audible at
*Fire at Montsinery relay in French Guiana leads RFI, SRI and NHK
 to move transmissions to France or elsewhere for a month; CRI no
 longer heard
*Swiss Radio International explains the Guiana situation, and
 substitute transmissions, what TDF has done in France
*Thais Silva, wife of Jeff White, has permit for Venezuelan tropical
 station, frequency designated
*Dates for DST in part of Brazil
*Another USB feeder from Argentina, with R. Continental
*Webradio from Peru for news of Fujimori quitting, etc., lacking
 international SW service: and
*Sound effects in background: planes and trains very active in Enid
 this afternoon; it`s finally cool enough to open the windows
*TIFC Costa Rica still putting pulsating noise on 9 MHz band
*Scream of the Butterfly continues on WRMI, and tests this Saturday
 afternoon the 23rd on WBCQ; special QSL from P O Box 1994, Rancho
 Cordova CA 95741
*Sept 23 is also Marion`s Attic first anniversary on WBCQ, simulcast
*Don`t You Believe WINB`s website giving their own frequency wrong;
 nothing but gospel
*Voice of SW Radio, North American AM pirate on 48mb
*The midpoint of edition 1052 of the media magazine you monitor with
 your mind, World of Radio; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or Fax: 1-580-233-2948 Much more info at our site:
*BBC programme Desert Island Discs copied by other stations, including
 Radio Free Santa Fe,
 and WITF, Hershey PA, with Ellen Hughes
*California AG rules Pacifica Foundation directors can be sued on
 behalf of public interest:
*Special MW DX test season begins Sept 30, from WJNT 1180, Jackson MS;
 report by E-mail only:
*Midwest DX Get-together at Tenkiller State Park, OK, Oct 13-15; info
 from John Tudenham, 1-417-624-8058 or
*American Olympic fans complain of no live coverage on NBC; but live
 available on C-band dishes from CBC in Canada (or off air near
 border); we maintain all sports, even play-by-play should be delayed
*Toronto has a pirate TV station:
*C`est la Vie, CBC program introducing French Canada to the English,
 is back for new season, but mid-day Friday and no longer on RCI
*BBC WS quickly closed down due to Olympics alternate stream via but resourceful surfers may still find it
 if they know where to look and other BBC services, such as Radio 4
 are not completely blocked
*BBC On Air magazine has new editor who has made improvements, but
 not enough yet; frequency folder may not be updated
*Global Sound Kitchen still has additional frequency to those
 mentioned last week
*Special longwave 153 broadcast in late September inaugurating new
 transmitter in Ingoy; check - special QSLs
*Mauritania off frequency again and drifting on 60 meters
*Radio Cairo now has audio site with English archive, Arabic stream
*Iraq, Iran, Kurdish clandestine survey with times monitored is in
 DX Listening Digest 0-114
*Receiver shorts from John Norfolk: Radio Shack has two multibands
 with SW included; and two new SW receivers; see Reception Tips on
 WOR website
*Drake SW-8 production discontinued; no back orders being filled
*First digital radio under 300 pounds launched in Britain, DRX 601-E
*Propagation disturbances this week brought downunder MW to Oregon
*Propagation outlook from Boulder September 19: flux range 215-170-205
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1052          ###