WORLD OF RADIO #1051, produced September 13, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Reminder of our new times on WWCR 3215: UT Sat 0030, Mon 0000
*New Sept-Oct edition of Mundo Radial starts Sept 15, Fri 2115 on
*I guest again this week with media news on VOA Communications World,
 first airing UT Sat Sept 16 at 0132 on 9455 and many others
*Christian Voice test schedule via Australia starting Sept 18
*New Zealand`s new frequency schedule effective Oct 1
*Uganda QSLs after 5.5 years, despite unusable return postage: see
 DXLD 0-110
*R. Hargeisa, Somalia tentatively heard in New York
*V. of Africa, Libya, English news segment monitored times
*Two Arabs near 9755 are Egypt and Iraq
*Israel moves English from 15 to 17 MHz today
*Imagination Radio, Fridays only from UK, quits SW after Sept 29; see or DXLD 0-110
*Global Sound Kitchen still running later Fridays via Merlin [also
 same time Sat into UT Sun]
*Two BBC buildings among 550 open for tours Sept 23-24; see
*BBC WS closes down audio streaming due to Olympics, including shows
 having nothing to do with them! Still available so far via [but this was soon blocked too]
*BBC relaunching Radio 3, 4 and 5 websites in October, already R 2
*YLE Radio Finland weekly English hour still not back on SW, but
 apparently shows in B-00 schedule from Oct 29
*Switzerland off Guiana relay due to transformer fire; moved to France
 and frequency swapped with Switzerland direct; check other French
 Guiana scheduled frequencies for SRI, RFI, NHK, CRI
*Vatican to relay Switzerland starting in B-00
*Vatican also to relay Voice of Russia this winter, including to
 North America
*Vatican/Russia deal must be at highest levels, in rapprochement with
 Russian Orthodox church; VOR has not benefitted from dollar-paying
 foreign relays via Russia
*Main Center for Control of Broadcasting Networks, Moscow, explains
 its function, who owns CIS relay sites
*Unlisted new frequency of VOR to us seems direct from Russia
*Russian harmonic overriding WYFR on 18 MHz
*Both Russia and China in German on same frequency at same time
*WOR 1051 already 75 percent complete
*Thanks this week for financial support: James G. Strader
*Our website including access to DX Listening Digest:
*Contact us at P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702; or
*Li Dan has become president of China Radio International; educated
 in Canada and USA; worked his way up
* posts jamming-jumping frequencies for
 morning and evening transmissions [NO www contrary to what I said]
*WBCQ plans to add daytime frequency in 15 or 17 MHz band, CUSB;
 just celebrated 2nd anniversary on the air
*WOR New York abruptly cancels Rambling with Gambling after 75 years
*New program schedule for Radio for Peace International in DXLD 0-108;
 Freespeech news airs both Friday and Saturday plus repeats; RFPI`s
 13th anniversary Fiesta on the Air UT Sun Sept 17 0000-0400 on 15049
*R. Pampa, Costa Rica on third harmonic mixes with Rebelde on sixth
*Ondas del Yuna, Dominican Republic, on second harmonic
*R. Barahona Internacional heard on 60m, one good, then bad frequency
*R. Federacion Shuar, Ecuador, reactivated on 50m
*Allen Graham on HCJB has cancelled El Mundo Futuro; still with DXPL,
 says Roger Chambers [via swprograms]
*LRA36 Antarctica sign-off time, frequency varying slightly
*Trans-Equatorial scatter season of FM DX from Caribbean to Brazil
 has started; see DXLD 0-109
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Sept 12: storming; flux range
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1051               ###