WORLD OF RADIO #1050, produced September 6, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*Unexpected WOR time change immediately on WWCR 3215: UT Sat 0030 ex-
*New Sept Continent of Media 0007 soon at and
 already on R. for Peace International
*UN Radio begins broadcasts to Africa via Merlin sites; see DXLD 0-107
*UN Radio has been on RFPI since its inception; schedule
*RFPI hopes to have 6970 back by mid-Sept; anniversary Fiesta on the
 Air UT Sept 17 0000-0400
*AFRTS USB frequency observations: Sicily 10 MHz and Guam 13 MHz 24h;
 Iceland does not seem to be on yet, but Hawai`i
*Encuentro DX schedule on Mexico`s Radio Mil; see DXLD 0-104
*R. Miskut, Nicaragua, on late with futbol
*Bolivian government website lists stations by province, minus the
*Source of Rede SomZoomSat program on Brazilian 60m station identified
 as R. Anhanguera
*R. Educadora, Limeira, Brazil heard with spiritualist
*NBC Namibia still carrying World Radio Network overnight on SW
*R. Oman shifted two frequencies 9 kHz off
*Israel going off DST Oct 5/6, or is it 22?
*Israel Radio English broadcast confirmed two hours later; all stored
 or live on web
*Arutz Sheva, Israel, has 5-day, 3-hour English on web, - see program schedule in DXLD 0-107
*V. of People of Kurdistan heard on two frequencies in Pennsylvania
*V. of the Iraqi People clandestine heard on third transmitter
*V. of Iran, clandestine via Moldova, changes frequency and so do
 bubble jammers
*R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan heard on 21 MHz third harmonic
*Falun Dafa Radio trying more 12 and 13 MHz frequencies, cat and mouse
 with Chicom jammers
*In the middle of WOR ML, standard disclaimer, P O Box 1684, Enid OK
 73702 USA or - see our website
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Bill Flynn
*Japanese ham DXpedition to Spratly Islands Sept 12-16
*Papua New Guinea celebrates independence day Sept 15-16
*Radio Australia starting new 6-part series Globally Speaking: the
 politics of globalisation:
*New Zealand on new 15 MHz frequency
*National Association of Broadcasters in San Francisco Sept 20-23,
 with 1700 kHz IBOC digital demonstrator; LPFM/micropower/pirates
 plan to disrupt
*Another new X-band station, from North Dakota
*Denver jazz FM station converted to internet only
 but another FM adopts jazz format 
*Sept 9-17, Route 66 ham event offers certificate from 12 cities
*Air Force 53rd Anniversary QSO Party Sept 16-17; see and
*R. Free Chechnya new fall schedule
*R. Rossii network changes to one 24h program, no timeshifted versions
 - see DXLD 0-107 for some frequencies
*V. of Russia fall frequencies for N. America without annoying
 asterisks, plus additional frequency monitored
*R. Yugoslavia says it is building new SW transmitters in Serbia; no
 mention of relays via Russia or elsewhere
*R. Free London plans continuous one-week broadcast Sept 10-17;
 report to
*Farmers from Holland pirate plans return to SW Sept 10
*RTE Ireland sports specials Sundays Sept 10 and 24 schedules, hurling
 and football; more in DXLD 0-103 and 104
*BBC Last Night of the Proms special SW frequencies
*BBC Radio 4 has impressive new season planned; see
*Propagation outlook from Boulder issued Sept 5; flux range
*And so concludes another World of Radio, the 1,050th edition. I`m
 Glenn Hauser                                             ###