WORLD OF RADIO #1049, produced August 30, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*Our Sunday evening on WWCR continues UT Monday 0000 but now on 3215
*RFPI has additional time for Continent of Media, Mon 2200, Tue 0600
 and 1400; as well as UT Thu 0130; look for 6970 to come back
*Big Lots selling Baygen AM/FM/SW for $29.99; 1-800-269-9571
*Radio Shack DX-375 20-212 devalued to $39.97, but don`t get the
 recommended AC adaptor, instead the regulated 273-1756 or -1654;
 see Reception Tips on WOR website also for how to disable muting
*Ostankino TV tower fire in Moscow: BBC Monitoring editorial anaylsis;
 temporary TV webcasting is one solution via and and
*Both V. of Russia and VOA give in to government pressure
*Radio Mari, Yoshkar Ola, Russia heard with local program
*Radyjo B.A., Belarus, heard on 60m
*Radio Retro, Metro, seems via former Mayak USB in Belarus
*Radio Mari and R. Pomorye, Arkhangelsk, heard in England; clips at
*R. Yugoslavia expelled from transmitter site in Bijeljina, Bosnia;
 RY goes on Russian satellite, webcasting and
 plans return to SW via some other site; see DXLD 0-104 for much more
*Anyone can hire time on DTK in Germany; Sept. 6 a children`s camp for
 one hour. Special QSL available; see DXLD 0-105
*See our website which also includes a newly revised Nets To You:
*In Midst of WOR 1049, or P O Box 1684, Enid OK
 73702 USA; so little fax it`s not worth mentioning the number tho it
 is still available [1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser]
*R. Nacional, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, on an hour later than sked
*R. Galkaacyo, Somalia on new frequency below 7 MHz hamband, including
 English; but R. Banaadir now in hamband
*V. of Turkey just started webcasting, including English at same times
 as on SW, but posted schedule one hour off:
*Israel about to go off DST, but one English moving two hours later;
 two others about to be webcast
*Israeli Arabic MW transmitter closed for RF fears, Syria takes freq
*Arutz 7, Israel moved to former frequency of V. of Peace
*R. Pakistan starting new separate news channel vs. India on SW
*Falun Dafa Radio, Chinese cland, heard on new frequency at new time
*WSHB refuses to give site for Indonesian relay, listed Taiwan, but
 why is V. of Russia interval signal heard at end?
*New MW transmitter in Fiji for better outlying coverage
*One Chilean station inactive, another is back on 6 MHz band
*R. Union, Peru, out of adjustment on wrong frequency
*R. Comas, Peru has new variable frequency
*GBC, V. of Guyana, reactivated on 90m band
*TIAC R. Fides, Costa Rica has new website
 showing SW frequency same as WRMI
*Havana had angry-sounding rap in Spanish
*Bill Snyder`s hurricane frequency list is back:
*Scream of the Butterfly starts second year on WRMI
*WGTG programming heard inside the 41m band
*American Forces Network widely reported on USB from islands; for
 the latest check recent DX Listening Digests
*Brass Button Broadcasters is new book about AFRTS, reviewed in; see DXLD 0-104
*NPR provides special Labor Day programming including comedy from
 Imagination Workship:
*NPR launching two new Sirius satellite channels, NPR Now, and NPR
 Talk; new morning show on both aimed at younger audience
*Kansas City loses commercial classical music on FM, moved to AM
*New X-band station from Idaho, KBLI
*Careful with CBC on 6160: both Vancouver and Newfoundland may be 24h
*Propagation outlook from Boulder August 29: flux range 165-185-135
*From super-heated Enid, 101 degrees again today -- I can finally
 turn on my noisy air conditioner again by concluding World of Radio
 1049 with a
*Standard disclaimer                            ###