WORLD OF RADIO #1048, produced August 16, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Continent of Media 00-06 available at
*Mundo Radial new August-September edition from Aug 18 on WWCR,
 Fridays 2115 on 15685
*Sunday evening on WWCR 9475, WOR heard last week at 0000 UT Monday
 instead of 0030 or Sunday 2330
*International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend, special ham event from 43
 countries August 19-20; see DXLD 00-86 or 
*Special ham event August 25-27 for new radio telescope in WV; QSL
 to W9GFZ, P O Box 2, Green Bank, WV 24944
*EDXC country list finally available in PDF file on the web, via
 publications at
*More USB frequencies for AFN, from Sicily, Guam, Diego Garcia,
 Iceland but some still not identified; frequencies and lengthy
 program schedule at
*Voice of Greece has interference from World Beacon via Russia; full
 schedule in DXLD 0-102
*This Week in Americana recommended, twice on WWCR
*FEBC to be known as Voice of Friendship, as if a new idea
*Not all KC4- ham calls are from Antarctica; one from Rhode Island,
 telling them apart
*Dr Gene Scott putting out at least four spurs from Costa Rica 9725
*Nicaragua`s only SW station, R. Miskut, YNPN, reactivated
*R. Bambamarca, Frecuencia Lider, Peru, stays on pirate frequency even
 tho licensed
*Via subcarrier, SAP, USB, AM, FM, Internet, WOR 1048; or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; if really
 necessary fax to attn Hauser 1-580-233-2948. See our website for much
 more info including DXLD archive:
*Thanks to B. Cooley for financial support, also saving us collection
 and exchange fees by sending US dollar draft on Canadian bank`s US
 branch (or Canadian Postal MO in USD works as well)
*R. Nacional, Guinea Bissau, active on FM only; not even a website
*La Voix du Sahel, Niger, recommended for excellent music
*Arab on 7110 identified
*R. Gaalkacyo, Somalia, moving out of hamband higher in 7 MHz, and
 may resume higher power; its 5-watt relay in Boosaaso changed
*Egyptian 17 MHz transmitter ruins 18 MHz hamband and beyond with
*Romania Actualitatsi news service shortwave schedule
*Putin government trying to resume control of Russian TV networks;
 harasses Radio Liberty personnel as ``hostile media...abusing freedom
 of speech``
*Polish Radio Warsaw making it on new 9 MHz channel in Ontario
*Saturday August 19, Radio Caroline special via UK MW and Latvian SW; for more info
*BBC staff ordered to quit wasting megapounds on taxi rides
*BBC`s Olympic coverage plans: live daily at 0900-1100, not to us
*Australia going on DST much earlier this year due to Olympics
*R. Australia`s Olympic coverage plans, one frequency at a time, not
 on Internet
*Papua New Guinea`s 25th independence anniversary September 16
 overshadowed by Olympics, so ABC TV already running series; see for basic info
*AIR tropical frequencies logged at PA sundown, from Mumbai and
*AIR Jaipur and Lucknow just moved from 90 to 60 meters, schedules
*New service and US version keyed to different cities, not really local
 and soon to go commercial; see DXLD 0-102
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, August 15; flux range 185-150-190
*And that, my friends, is the 1048th consecutive edition of World of
 Radio; me? I`m Glenn Hauser                             ###