WORLD OF RADIO #1047, produced August 9, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*New WOR time on WWCR confirmed, Sunday 1830 on 15685; a few hours
 later could start 5 minutes early at 0025 Monday on 9475; from
 September 3215 in use at that hour, unless we shift an hour earlier
*Radio Australia gets new funding to buy time on Darwin, Taiwan
*R. Central, Papua New Guinea, back again on 90 meters
*R. Korea International will start Singapore relay for Indonesian
*BBS, Bhutan, English program schedule; contact and staff list in
 DXLD 00-98 on the WOR website
*International Amateur Radio Union has intruder webpage, including
 Sa`udi Arabia on 15m band; see Monitoring System Newsletter at
*V. of the People, Zimbabwe clandestine, finally acknowleged by RN to
 transmit via Madagascar; more at Hot Spots page, 
*Africa Number One fans report on reception and content; needs webcast
*V. of Nigeria shifts back to previous 41m frequency
*Radio Luxembourg nostalgia website:
*Brain of Britain back for 17 weeks on BBC WS from August 21
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1047; or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702, USA; by fax
 if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser
*Our no-nonsense, totally text website:
*Standard disclaimer
*Thanks this week for financial support from: George Bigley
*Denmark`s English newscasts on LW and MW
*DTK Germany interferes with Denmark`s ice charts fax service to
 Greenland; schedule also on other OOB broadcast-prone frequencies
*New Chechnyan clandestine reported, Alternative Republican Radio
*Falkland Islands MW off, antenna mast clipped by aircraft
*The agony of Radio Nacional Huanuni, Bolivia
*Rdif. Nacional, Colombia, has science program for children
*Heartbreak Radio, Colombian show for kidnap victims
*FARC plans to expand broadcast network to FM, TV in Colombia
*La Voz de Yaguajay, new Cuban MW station in Sancti Spiritus province
*REDIPAZ, new UNESCO network from Mexico with R. Nederland cooperation
 included SW broadcast [not heard August 9]
*Dr. Gene Scott via Costa Rica on wacky spur frequencies 11185, 4372
*Internet radio starting for Canadian cities, e.g. but who is behind it?
*British Forces Broadcasting Service now on FM in Suffield, Alberta
*AFN expanding USB shortwave to additional sites; new frequencies
 widely heard, one from Sicily; see DXLD 0-100, and keep an eye on 
*WBCQ looking for sponsor to fund radioship project in Boston Harbor
*New programming on WBCQ includes Greek Radio Waves, B Movie Bob Show
*WGTG-3 to avoid Australia and Namibia, new frequency
*Pirate KIPM denies carrying La Voz del Zapatista as in August MT;
 original reporter replies
*Congressional candidates claim free advertising time on public radio
 and TV in Colorado, little known ``reasonable access`` loophole
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, August 8: flux range 175-210-150
*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1047               ###