WORLD OF RADIO 1046, produced August 2, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition of Continent of Media 0006 started August 1 on RFPI; soon
 also via and see summary at 
*WOR new time on WWCR: Sunday 1830 on 15685
*Our Iowa City affiliate, WSUI has started webcasting; via
*Time conversion reminder; 24h times here are in Universal Time
*New station on X-band, WEUP, Huntsville AL
*Mystery 1620 kHz in Haitian French tracked down to Brockton MA
*Stephen Dunifer loses Free Radio Berkeley court challenge vs FCC;
 microradio protests to continue
*WMAQ, Chicago, ended August 1, tho calls continue two weeks with
 The Score during simulcast; website re-routed to WBBM`s
*Madison Area Get-Together, Saturday afternoon, August 19: inquire
 from Bill Dvorak, or 608-244-5497 or 501 Algoma St.,
 Madison, WI 53704. RSVP
*New website with local broadcast messageboards: 
*New Channel 2 just starting near San Antonio, KBEJ, and promptly
 DXed while testing
*UPN network to be renamed January 1 Paramount Network
*New website under construction with logos, IDs and TPs of all
 Canadian TV stations:
*KNLS Alaska adding a second 100 kW transmitter
*WGTG about to test transmitter three on Australia, Namibia
*Zimbabwe Forum from VOA has been cancelled
*Communications World finally gets VOA SW frequencies Saturdays at
*RFPI has alternative coverage of Republican, Democratic conventions
 from National Radio Project
*RFPI`s Progressive News reduced, but adding Freespeech Radio News
 weekly from Pacifica stringers
*R. Villa, Dominican Republic, with good Afro-Caribbean music
*FARC clandestine schedules on their website
*R. Huancabamba, Peru back to old frequency
*Brazil`s R. Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro reactivated with religion
*Brazil`s RNB signs deal with RRI Romania for cooperation, maybe
 bringing RadioBras SW back to Europe
*Paraguay`s martitime station for river phone patches, ANTELCO Radio
*Argentine MW harmonic heard in Vermont, R. Armonia
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Bill Flynn, Oregon
*WOR 1046, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA;
 Check our website: including
 new version of John Norfolk`s Grundig Satellite 800 review, under
 Receiver Tips; and his new August edition of Nets To You
*R. Central, Papua New Guinea, reactivated briefly on 3290
*Another new PNG station, FM Central
*Lao National Radio has 5-minute window in Europe; clip at 
*R. Thailand stops English on domestic SW frequencies
*IBB Sri Lanka promises to QSL directly reports already received
*Clash between AIR Goa and VOA Kavalla
*World Falun Dafa Radio changed to frequency which is also used by
 R. Free Asia from Tajikistan
*R. Pakistan changes 17 MHz frequency for European service including
 English news bits
*Abu Dhabi has two services on SW in Arabic
*R. Aden, Yemen, still SW mystery, as other stations reported. Maybe
 Gulf Cooperation Council relay, and/or Sunday only?
*V. of the People of Kurdistan has good website partly in English
*More webcasting from Israel, "radio" in English: Arutz 7 has and Jerusalem Post Radio,
*Ham radio DXpedition now underway to Tromelin Island, Indian Ocean by
 FR/F6KDF/T; details in DXLD 00-97, and website 
*Two more FM stations in Somalia: Mogadishu, Somali Television Network;
 Kismaayo, for alliance of clans
*Schedule for Aydid`s V. of the People of the Somali Republic on SW
*Libya`s Voice of Africa, English times on new frequency
*R. Nacional de la RASD, Western Sahara clandestine, new frequency,
 times for Spanish and Arabic
*Star Radio, Liberia, given ''final ultimatum`` to close down July 22
*R. Ecclesia, Angola relays via Holland and Madagascar had to stop
 July 26 as unable to feed audio; still on internet
*Romany trying to get radio service via RFE from Prague or VOA
*Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Finland, on again from 2100 UT August 4;
*Saddened to report that Bill Cheek, Monitoring Times columnist died
 July 22 of cancer [link added August 5:]
*Sony investing in Alabama company; see
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, August 1; flux range 155-240-155
*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1046        ###