WORLD OF RADIO #1043, produced July 5, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

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*Radio Australia Shepparton site off the air 9 hours for maintenance
*Falungong starts clandestine SW broadcast to China, from where?
 World Falun Dafa Radio quickly blocked by Chinese jamming, but on
 the web via
*PBS Philippines has little-known 31m daytime transmission
*All India Radio back on 25m with new transmitter
*Pakistan`s English newscasts
*New frequencies for V. of Iraqi People, one avoiding hamband
*Three of Israel`s English broadcasts available via webcast
*FEBA, Seychelles, English schedule
*Via GHz and MHs, WOR 1043, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or Fax if really necessary to attn of Hauser:
 1-580-233-2948  Check our website for more details on many of our
 stories in DX Listening Digest archives:
*DTK, Germany, carries more and more Ethiopian and Eritrean
 clandestines. New one is R. Freedom (Xuriyo), V. of the Ogadeni
 People; also V. of Oromo Liberation, V. of Democratic Path of
 Ethiopian Unity, V. of Democratic Eritrea
*RVI Belgium via Madagascar moves from 11 to 7 MHz just before and
 after V. of People clandestine airings
*Libyan audio is bad on MW, SW and satellite
*Monaco active on 6 meters the next few days; see DXLD 86
*Scandinavian Weekend Radio heard in Europe last weekend; see
 DXLD 83, 84, 85 
*Ostdeutscher Rundfunk Brandenburg SW special July 7-9; correxion
 on time to North America
*Promenade Concerts start July 14 on BBC, including new webcasts
*New host for This Morning on CBC from Sept: Shelagh Rogers
*KNTV San Jose dropping ABC affiliation, beefing up news department
 to become NBC for Bay Area in a sesquiyear
*Museum Ships Weekend, July 15-16, ham special event; details in
 DXLD 86
*Dominican Republic active July 1 from R. Barahona
*Bjoern Malm back in Sweden, so last report re Peru for a while:
 new or reactivated stations: Radio San Juan, Radio Univision 2000,
 Radio Cumbre
*R. [por um] Mundo Melhor active again on 60m from Brazil [this item
 attributed to swprograms by mistake instead of radioescutas]
*More about R. Educadora de Limeira, 120m from Brazil; nights only?
*Boulder late in posting propagation outlook figures; text only
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*This has been edition 1043; Glenn Hauser, inviting you back next week