WORLD OF RADIO #1042, produced June 28, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*New Continent of Media 00-05 started on RFPI June 27; also soon at
*Annual peak of sporadic E TV and FM DX season is now
*Cuban gets TV and FM DX; FM station news from Holguin, Guantanamo
 Bay and Habana
*Radio Verdad, Guatemala, heard later into the evening
*La Voz de la Resistencia, Colombian clandestine barely heard there
*Ecos del Torbes, Venezuela, back on 60 metres, and mentions new 50
 meter channel
*Last week`s unIDs from Ecuador and Peru checked out
*R. Mallku, Bolivia response gives background on station
*R. Yura, La Voz del los Ayllos, not Layo
*Head of Brasil`s 120m R. Educadora de Limeira wants reports from USA;
 report to Bruno Arcaro Bortolan at
*R. Eldorado, Sao Paulo has campaigned to get rid of A Voz do Brasil
 program, along with many other stations; appealed decision pending
*VOA`s new Zimbabwe Forum may extend beyond two weeks; frequencies
*ZBC Zimbabwe ordered by Supreme Court to stop ZANU-PF propaganda
*VOP, Voice of the People, clandestine for Zimbabwe schedule fits
 right into RN Madagascar third transmitter; but RN mum. VOP`s mission
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1042, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; fax if
 really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; our website:
*R. Lesotho on extended schedule for trial of failed coup attempters
*7P8AA DX-pedition to Lesotho during July see
*World Beacon adding morning to Africa; evenings to Europe
*The People`s Voice, (Codka ummadda) new 25mb in Mogadishu; WTFK?
*Democratic Eritrean Revival, new via Germany on 19mb
*Tip for Rational Living: Great library at Alexandria burned by
 Christian zealots, plunging world into sesquimillennium of darkness
*ORF Austria cutbacks coming: less original German, English reduced,
 Blue Danube Radio, Arabic, Esperanto killed; 50% less SW usage, at
 expense of overseas; satellite encrypted for Austrians abroad only
*Joop ter Zee of Free Radio Service Holland died, funeral July 1;
 info from
*Scandinavian Weekend Radio licensed for first 25m broadcast July 1;
*BBC WS previews for early July: Heritage, Vox Bopp play, Meridian:
 what is beauty? Challenging the Global Order
*SAQ VLF in Sweden tests again July 2 with alternator; plus SA6Q ham
*Solomon Islands cuts hours on SW, may lay off staff
*CBC starts R3 only on the web: first of three sites: for storytelling
*As It Happens shrinks to one hour for summer; look for other shows
 in final half hour including Connexions on Weds
*FCC posts applications for lowpower FM from 10 states
*Oklahoma LPFM info organized on our website: - Tulsa has
 lots of interesting applicants
*KPH Bolinas, California, coastal CW station closed a year ago coming
 back July 12 for special commemorative broadcast
*iPhone units may cause interference every 101 kHz on MW band
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 27; flux range 165-200-165
*That`s World of Radio 1042; Glenn Hauser inviting you to join me
 again next week                                            ###