WORLD OF RADIO #1039, produced June 7, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*Canadian Forces Network Europe now carrying World of Radio; see
 DX Listening Digest 00-72 on our website (below)
*RFPI may take another month to resume USB on 21 MHz instead of 25
*Australia leasing Cox Peninsula SW site to Christian Vision,
 raising questions about foreign relations; R. Australia tries to
 sublet some time on it. CV plans to start testing by Augustend. Who
 is behind CV? Bob Edmiston, meganaire Toyota importer. Much more in
 DXLD 00-72 and -73
*No shortwave from Fiji to monitor the coup there
*But Solomon Islands shortwave is 5020, still on after coup
*V. of Vietnam putting out spurs every 10 kHz
*V. of Mongolia English ondemand:
*R. Tashkent`s English frequencies at 0100
*Contradicting last week`s report, the Bishkek country stays Kyrgyz
 Republic despite Russian becoming official
*R. Baku, Azerbaijan back on 6 instead of 9 MHz
*Iran`s 15084 has strong spurs above and below
*V. of the Palestinian Islamic Revolution schedule via Iran
*The DX program which for your convenience is aired every day of the
 week on one SW station or another, WOR 1039, first airings on
 Wednesdays; or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
 Fax if really necessary to attn of Hauser: 1-580-233-2948. Check our
 website for our latest schedules, Nets to You, DXLD archive:
*Thanks this week for financial support go to: Pete Bentley
*Standard disclaimer
*Zanzibar heard on clear 6 MHz frequency, testing new transmitter?
*Belgian Georges Ruggiu convicted of inciting Rwandan genocide, jailed
 for twelve years
*Congo Brazzaville heard with English in evenings; clip at
*Cameroon plans to renovate 100 kW international SW transmitter
*La Voix du Sahel, Niger, back on 5 MHz
*Polisario station moving around, back to previous frequency;
 Morocco tries to jam; is it using VOA transmitter?
*R. Budapest changes frequency to Europe
*R. Sweden added another frequency to North America, 15245 at 0330;
 reports wanted to
*Q-103, SW pirate in Finland plans weekend broadcasts; also carries
 clandestine V. of Independent Sahara; report to
*Lithuania allocates funds for new SW antenna to North America
*Ideas topics on CBC this month
*Amateur radio Kids` Day June 17
*Why Delano transmissions are ahead of Greenville; see DXLD 00-72
*Costa Rican MW harmonic on 4 MHz: R. Pampa, Nicoya
*R. Cielo, Peru never gave location, but now on same frequency is
 R. Universo, Cajabamba
*C. Crane Company`s new annual catalog is available, including our
 listing of English SW broadcasts to North America: 1-800-522-8863
*R. Shack closing out DX-375 for $50
*Dellinger Effect fadeout in Europe Sunday morning
*Major flare expected to lead to auroral conditions when CME hits
 Earth late UT June 8, very disturbed SW propagation
*Propagation outlook from Boulder: K index peak 6; solar flux peak 260
*World of Radio 1039; Glenn Hauser inviting you back next week  ###