WORLD OF RADIO #1038, produced May 30, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*Radio for Peace International testing 21814, longer hours on others
*WWCR June-August on 9475 for WOR UT Monday 0030 or Sunday 2330
*Digital Radio Mondiale test report by Fernando de Sousa Ribeiro,
 and the prospects for unacceptable interference 
*Another digital test heard in Venezuela on 21 MHz near RFPI
*Bill Whitacre`s negative comments on digital vs analog shortwave
*BBC Monitoring analysis of Digital Radio Mondiale
*Audio samples of DRM:
*Check our website for any URLs missed:
*Digital One, UK digital radio network adding new transmitters
*Bill Whitacre: web radio has taken off, soon surpassing shortwave
 in listenership
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR #1038; or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; fax if
 really necessary to attn of Hauser 1-580-233-2948; our website again
*Waco, Texas, finally getting public radio in July as KWBU, Baylor
 University converts from student to full service NPR affiliate;
*X-band station in Los Angeles sold to Koreans for 30 megadollars
*Alberta`s shortwave CFVP still going despite owner disinterest;
 reports to CFVP c/o CKMX, P O Box 2750, Station M, Calgary, Alberta,
 Canada T2P 4P8
*Head of CBC compromises, reducing but keeping some local evening TV
*From Michael Schnitzer`s Radio Verdad, Guatemala QSL, much more info
 about the station; see full report in DXLD 00-71
*Repaired equipment expected back at Radio Miskut, Nicaragua in June
 or July to resume SW
*Radio Tigre, new Peruvian on 5 MHz band; see DXLD 00-71
*Polisario station on another new frequency
*Andy Kershaw`s BBC Radio One contract not renewed; still on BBCWS??
*Mayak special SW test widely heard, and finally by us (recording)
*Kyrgyzstan officially renamed Republic of Kirghizia
*R. Thailand has new 21 MHz frequency in English to Europe
*Radio Australia`s Science Show better than BBC`s
*Standard disclaimer
*World of Radio 1038 now concludes; I`m Glenn Hauser           ###