WORLD OF RADIO #1037, produced May 24, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*RFPI`s 25930 off the air with feedline cut; may not come back or on
 a lower frequency
*Next quickest way to keep up with RFPI frequency problems:
*New Continent of Media 00-04 now on the way to RFPI and
*Again this Saturday May 27 I am providing the media news on VOA`s
 Communications World; script soon posted on their website and mine
*Only Belgian charged in provoking Rwandan genocide, via Radio Mille
 Collines, pleads guilty, turns Moslem
*Zambia news in English heard here in absence of Bonaire
*R. Mogadishu, V. of the People of the Somali Republic, well heard in
*V. of the Democratic Path of Ethiopian Unity doubles transmissions
*V.of Oromo Liberation on new frequency, same as above
*Israel changes Hebrew and Russian frequencies; DST extended to Oct 29
*V. of Hope quits SW from southern Lebanon, replaced with Germany
*Bangladesh Betar heard in Missouri, but very undermodulated voices
*Difficulties serving Burma by Voice of Democratic Burma, VOA, RFA;
*Is anyone interested in these press radioteletype schedules? Korea N.
*R. Central, Papua New Guinea, coming back after three years; SW?
*RNZI tries another 11 MHz frequency at 1900-1950
*RNZI on the air past local midnight
*R. Bosques, Argentine pirate, new out-of-band frequencies, schedule;
 omit station name on envelope in reports to: Alejandro Garcia,
 Magdalena 34, 1874 Villa Dominico, Buenos Aires; r.p.
*Brazilian Amazon Indians allocated out-of-band frequencies for
*Plan for 60 new Colombian indigenous ``SW and LW`` stations
*Colombia Estereo transmitter heard with Super Estacion 88.9,
*The non-communist, non-commercial, non-corporate, non-government,
 non-musical, non-religious DX program, World of Radio 1037; P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; Fax if really
 necessary, attn Hauser, 1-580-233-2948; check our website
*R. Verdad, Guatemala, signing on half an hour earlier, a big help
*IARU ham notice about Cuban jammer harmonics on 18, 29 MHz bands
*R. Netherlands back to only one Bonaire transmitter during
 generator maintenance and again with substitute relays; some silent
*New Dimensions adding broadcasts via Merlin UK, and WSHB, but we
 heard BBC instead on the latter
*KJES, New Mexico, using backup transmitter, rhombic instead of log
 periodic; schedule
*Only program worth listening to on KTBN: The Joy of Music
*AFGE Union at VOA suffers internal strife in union election
*David Goren`s piece on numbers stations finally airs this Friday
 on NPR ATC Lost and Found Sound; later at
*WABC Memorial Day music retrospective special instead of talk;
 hear Preview already and see schedule at
*Experimental sports FM frequency in NYC
*Ohio State students get to put format on
 WOSU-AM after midnight
*CFRX Toronto off the air again
*Two months after multistreaming started, BBC feeds still mixed up
*Rock Over London starts June 9 on BBC WS
*Strike at R. France International last week was for 48 hours
 [oops: credit inadvertently omitted in editing: Mike Cooper]
*Portuguese state media merging into Portugal Global
*R. Croatia irregularly has English up to 25 minutes
*Ukraine`s English still sporadic at 0300 on 13590
*R. Mayak has SW special with QSLs May 26-27-28 only; report to
*NASA has page promoting ``Radio Jove`` DXing Jupiter (recording)
*Fernando de Sousa Ribeiro`s comments on digital SW radio; full
 text in DXLD 00-69
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, May 23; flux range 205-130-250
*That`s WOR 1037; I`m Glenn Hauser                  ###