WORLD OF RADIO #1035, produced May 10, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*Greetings to our 4.6 gigalisteners via WorldSpace; at least ``Kim
 Komando`` thinks she is `able` to reach that many, exaggeration
*We await our very first letter from a WOR listener via WorldSpace
*More and more WRN and hence WOR affiliates in the US; new listing
 on the WOR website
*RFPI expands 15049 and 25930-USB until 0600
*New May edition of our monthly Mundo Radial starts May 12 on WWCR,
 Fridays 2115 on 15685
*Please check WBCQ-2 for WOR Fridays at 2030 on 9330
*New Colombian on 60m, Colombia Estereo, run by the army; more at Reports by fax to
 57 1 240 7374 or Emisora Colombia Stereo, Escuela de Cadetes Jose
 Maria Cordoba, Calle 80, No. 38-00, Santafe de Bogota, Colombia
*Peruvian broadcaster on 7 MHz hamband with new name R. Costa Azul
*Mika Makelainen reports on his adventures in Peru visiting stations
*Ghana`s new 90mb transmitter putting out spurs
*Connexion between Radio Northsea International and the Pan Am 103
 bombing: circuit board sold to Libyans by MeBo. Current RNI is on
 web via link at
*Anti-Qaddafi group in Minnesota has webmagazine, says it plans web
*BBC WS has redesigned website
 and seems improved
*The DX program whose host Glenn Hauser, does not constantly refer
 to himself in the third person and spell his name phonetically over
 and over; P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702; or By
 fax if really necessary, attn Hauser, 1-580-233-2948. Our website: 
*R. Stantsiya Tikhiy Okean on the verge of closing down
*R. Master-Mix [or Mix-Master] on 60m, 20 hours a day from Yakutsk,
 Republic of Sakha
*R. Mayak inaugurated website webcasting
 instead of former SW; and on western FM band in Moscow
*Mayak`s SSB relay schedule from Belarus
*Belarus Radio 1 and 2 SW schedules
*Not Ukraine, but Iran confirmed on 13 MHz frequency
*Radio Sedaye Iran, opposition broadcast originates in Los Angeles;
*New schedules for clandestines V. of Iraqi Kurdistan, and V. of the
 People of Kurdistan, both transmitting from Iraqi Kurdistan
*Mystery unID on 1205.68 kHz, from Iran or Afghanistan?
*V. of Shariah, Afghanistan, retimes English program
*Laos has one-hour radioteletype press broadcast in English
*Vietnam starts satellite TV broadcast to North America; Viet-
 Americans upset about it
*V. of Vietnam relay via Canada resumed after a few nights; was it
 suspended for political or technical reasons?
*Scream of the Butterfly on WRMI has added webcast via
 [actually tested only May 7; more info at:]
*WSHB special May 14: UK Football Finals
*Bro. Scare reported mistreating wife on air; see usenet posting at 
*WRVA Richmond gives up gentility for nasty new talkhosts
*KPAM becomes Radio Free Oregon, anti-corporate
*Huge pulse noise on 13 MHz band; what is it, and how to stop it?
*GPS Selective Availability turned off, making it more accurate
*Propagation outlook from Boulder May 9: flux range 200 to 130
*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1035 with a
*Standard disclaimer                            ###