WORLD OF RADIO #1034, produced May 3, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*We are faced with trying to cram twice as much info into same time,
 so read more about these and other stories in DX Listening Digest
*Heartfelt open letter to the Director of VOA from an employee
 about to lose his job:
*Ex-Bethany site to be called Voice of America Park
*Depositions filed in Art Bell vs. WWCR case, but jury trial may not
 happen for months, before yearend
*Rumors of format swaps in Chicago AM, sportstalk to WMAQ
*Ed Koch back on New York talk radio, WEVD
*Cuban format traced to Key West station
*WMIB 1660 Florida DX test May 7 is at 0400-0800 UT, correxion
*CBC hires American-owned PR firm to establish new image
*CBC will start `Radio` 3 by July, but webcast only, non-traditional
*Quirks & Quarks first show in May is another question show; and
 should be back on RCI Sat 2105, as well as Sun 1205
 [sorry about some bad edits in this edition; when will I give myself
 a little more time so I don`t have to rush so much?]
*RCI has new news sounders, at last [later: only at certain times]
*RCI moved back into Maison de Radio-Canada May 1, same addresses
*Canadian executed in Vietnam, causing diplomatic row
*And Vietnam relay via Canada has been replaced by music [May 2-3-]
*Camp X, WW II spy base in Oshawa, gets special events ham marathon
 around VE Day, from VE3CX
*Pole-to-pole trek ham radio operations contact VE7GYA; more at
*Cuban 7th harmonic you won`t hear about on DXers Unlimited
*First QSL reported for new R. Verdad, Guatemala, with more details
*R. Macarena/R. Autentica, Colombia, reactivated on BBC frequency
*Diesel plant at RN Bonaire burnt up April 23, but replacement
 facilities got it back on the air in only one week; temporary
 relays were via other sites, hot QSL targets. More at
*BBC Antigua heard on 30 MHz harmonic
*Another Argentine ISB feeder on 29 MHz band
*New Bolivian on 60m, R. Yura
*Mother`s Day is an even bigger deal in Latin America, so look for
 special SW operations like Xmas, NY Eve; dates vary, but May 14 in US
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 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or fax to attn of
 Hauser, 1-580-233-2948; our website full of info including a newly
 revised Nets To You:
*Morocco moves onto Saharan SW frequency, so it shifts away, and also
 moves MW 10 kHz
*Congo Brazzaville heard with huge signal, new English program
*DR Congo clandestine R. Tele-Liberte has two more frequencies
*Madeira MW outlet relayed on 5 MHz band
*Webcaster Worldwide Radio, in Spain adds classical
 music service from Romania
*REE Spain losing English broadcasters, cuts news on weekends; some
 other programming well-reviewed
*Charlie Coutts [a.k.a. Laszlo Pinter?] of Radio Budapest has died
*R. Slovakia International has all-new English section of six
*Delta Radio longwave project may get to use landbased Kootwijk site
 in Holland instead of offshore
*Two BBC announcers seem to be same person
*Scandinavian Weekend Radio plans to start June 30, legally on SW from
 Virrat, Finland. More at Mostly hard music
*R. Ukraine reactivated megawatt on 13 MHz, inserted English to
 delight of North Americans; new E-mail? But by
 May 3, we hear Qur'an instead
*V. of Greece finally started new 19m relay via Delano in our mornings,
 excellent for music, and English hour on Saturdays
*Iran's new frequency in English to North America
*R. New Zealand Int'l has new series on history of radio in NZ,
 Resounding Radio
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, May 2: flux peak 200
*Glenn Hauser, here, thanking you for listening to WOR 1034   ###