WORLD OF RADIO #1032, produced April 12, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*First broadcast of WOR on WBCQ moving 2 hours later from April 19:
 Wed 2330 UT on 7415
*New edition of Continent of Media starts April 14 on RFPI, Friday at
 1900; and shortly also via Summary of content
 of COM on the WOR website
*New edition of our Spanish Mundo Radial starts April 14, Fri 2115 on
 WWCR 15685; includes more tapes of R. Verdad, Guatemala
*China Radio International revamping programming April 22 with much
 more listener participation; dumbing-down by ``foreign expert``?
*unID on 11520 is perplexing with rock music
*unID on 9155 is perplexing, music Turkic or Kurdish?
*R. Pilipinas new external schedule
*R. Pinoy is new service from Kuwait for Filipinos; hear clip at
*UAE Radio, Dubai, lost, now found at three English times
*Walt Salmaniw DXed from Maui; Yemen drifting on high side
*R. Sultanate of Oman superb and enjoyable in English
*V. of Shariah, Afghanistan, exhaustively monitored in Maui
*R. V. of Iran, clandestine on new frequency via Moldova
*Cyprus Broadcasting Corp. new summer weekend schedule
*V. of Greece evening news in English to us reconfirmed
*R. Austria International suffers budget cut by rightwing government
*R. France International complete token English schedule
*Peter Jones dies; was on Just A Minute, Hitchhiker's Guide
*BBCWS Write On fails to appear at only scheduled time for Americas;
 Letter from America listed three hours in a row, but not really
*The midpoint of WOR 1032, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or or fax if really necessary to attn of Hauser at
 1-580-233-2948. See our constantly updated website:
*I will again provide the media news segment April 22 on VOA
 Communications World
*V. of Africa, Libya, monitored English times
*R. Omdurman, Sudan, heard in English
*R. Hargeisa, R. Galkaacyo, R. Kismaayo, Somalis heard in Hawaii
*Swiss Radio International reports on Liberia closing Star Radio
*Bolivia in state of siege; may affect SW. See stories at and
*R. Eco, rarely heard Bolivian
*Three mediumwave harmonics heard in Vermont: Peru, R. Ilucan;
 Ecuador, La Voz de Su Amigo; Colombia, Emisora Ideal
*Art Bell`s successor is: Mike Siegel
*Steve LeVeille will have predecessor Larry Glick as guest on WBZ
 early Friday April 28
*KCRW, Santa Monica, has three streams, including VOA news on one;
 apparently legal. See
*Software to schedule recordings of online radio stations? See
*A World of Radio Editorial: BBC WS is hopelessly provincial; most
 important news story in the world was about cricket, a stupid
 ballgame; audio level changes sharply; internet feed 2.5 minutes
 behind, yet carries timesignal
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, April 11: flux peak 225 April 27
*The end of WOR; remember our new time on WBCQ-1. Check our website
*Glenn Hauser, here, hoping you`ll hear me again next week   ###