WORLD OF RADIO #1029, produced March 22, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*World Radio Network new schedules now posted at
 including World of Radio: Eu Sat 0330, 0800; EEu/Af/ME/As/Pac Sat 0800,
 Sun 1030; WorldSpace via AfriStar Sat 0330, 0800, Sun 0530; NAm
 Sat 1600, Sun 0530, NEW 1030
*March 26 the Week of Confusion with WRN and Europe on DST a week
 before we are
*WOR times on Spiritus Movens 99.3 in Vilnius: Mon 04, Tue 20, Wed 14
 UT, but station may be sold and format change
*New WOR time on RFPI changed 24h later to Thu 2300, Fri 0700, 1500 so
 possible for first airing to appear then
*From Sun April 2, all our times on WWCR and WBCQ one UT hour earlier,
 and WBCQ-2 changes to 9330. See old and new schedules both at
*We discovered brand new SW station in Guatemala: R. Verdad, 4052.5
 in Chiquimula (recording); see DXLD 00-40 thru 00-44 for more
*Radio JCC, Peru on 7 MHz, not meaning Juan Carlos Codina
*When to hear/work KC4AAA from South Pole
*Protests to closure of Star Radio and Radio Veritas in Liberia
 rejected by Pres. Taylor; press solidarity goes negative
*More on R. Liberte, DR Congo; see Box 411884,
 Craighall 2024, Johannesburg, South Africa
*Clandestine Radio Intel website is updated and back:
*Affiliated Media Group, Jacksonville FL, selling Merlin UK, RSA SW
 time for black American preachers on African Beacon from April 3
*BBC WS claims 8 megalisteners more this year; adding non-SW services
 in Spanish, Portuguese
*New BBC head Greg Dyke scrapping up to a kilojob in management at BBC
*April BBC On Air now lists 7 BBCWS streams, but mostly in local time;
 all of NAm forced to use EDT
*WOR 1029; or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA;
 by fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser. Check website 
*Thanks this week to B. Cooley for financial support
*Church services on 27 MHz band from Ireland
*Millennium Radio on 27 MHz band from Dublin, anti-FCC
*YLE Radio Finland's complete reduced English schedule; one hour on
 weekends, 15 minutes daily
*R. Sweden's summer English to NAm; more in morning, but one frequency
*RVI, Belgium, schedule shows English to NAm one hour earlier on Sat
*More Russian harmonics on 10m band
*Radio train leaving for Chechnya, on MW and LW
*Some Chechen villages will get loudspeaker ``radio``
*R. V. of Shariah, Afghanistan, schedule changes; when to hear ads
*RRI Programa Nasional on only two SW frequencies; external service
*Ham DXpedition starts around March 24 from 4W6DX, East Timor
*Chesterfield Island DXpedition at same time, TX8CI/TX0DX
*R. Australia suggests Europeans try longpath in the morning
*R. New Zealand Int'l confirmed back on 15 MHz, but dead air
*Frenchman rowing from NZ to Chile losing Iridium communications;
 doesn`t have SW
*Summer frequencies for KNLS, Alaska; WWBS, Georgia
*April Monitoring Times has my SWBC column, plus 3-page article of
 mine on VOA cutting European services
*2 MHz harmonic from Pennsylvania testing
*Alex Dreier, great radio voice stilled at 83; did SW promotional
 record for Hallicrafters
*Propagation outlook from Boulder March 21; flux peak 235, dip 185
*Your input always welcome to Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 or
*Standard disclaimer
*WOR 1029 now concludes; Glenn Hauser inviting you back next week ###