WORLD OF RADIO #1028, produced March 15 by Glenn Hauser

*Three more WOR times on RFPI: Wed 2300, Thu 0700, 1500; 25930-USB
 audible into the night; and more RFPI Mailbag 24h later
*WOR is the only DX program available every day of the week on one
 SW station or another
*Spiritus Movens, 99.3 in Vilnius, Lithania, now carring WOR
*Polisario Front back on SW 7 MHz band for Western Sahara; see or B.P. 10, El Mouradia, Alger, Algeria
*R. (Tele) Liberte, for DR of Congo still heard on 15 MHz despite
 report of closure by Uganda
*Liberian president closes Star Radio and Radio Veritas
*Portugal spur in 20m band computed with station's help
*Austria puts mixing product on 7 MHz band
*R. Bulgaria's all-even frequencies for English this summer
*New address for print-impaired radio project in England:
*Plans for Voices Without Frontiers anti-racism broadcast March 21,
 perhaps on SW;
*V. of Turkey's A-00 English schedule from March 26; and Spanish
 has finally started
*Turkish State Meteorological Service reactivated on 6 MHz band
*R. Jordan on two frequencies for English
*Arutz Sheva, Israeli right-wing station has English on webcast
*Sa'udi Arabia with snippets of English while clashing with Libya
*R. Sultanate of Oman's English hour at 0300, 1400
*Standard disclaimer
*WOR 1028, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; better to use my hotmail
 address instead of yahoo: (A HREF-""> fax if really
 necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; see our website
*V. of Jammu Kashmir Freedom, clandestine partly in English
*FEBC Philippines closing English service in June or July
*ITU assigns prefix for East Timor: 4WA-4WZ including hams 4W6--
*NBC Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea has job openings
*R. New Ireland with armchair reception in Pennsylvania
*Solomon Islands 1 kHz off, superb in Washington; new transmitter?
*3LO, Melbourne, Australia must now ID otherwise
*HCJB frequency conflict coming with RNZI
*R. Senado, Brasil plans SW in English, Spanish
*R. Apintie, Suriname, fair in Europe
*R. Mil, Mexico City MW and SW antennas collapsed by winds
*Old VOA Bethany, Ohio site could become Cold War museum; see
 including zoomable photo of old antenna tower
*VOA Chinese via Russia heard on 22 MHz 3rd harmonic
*''Old Goats'' retired FCC employees have daily 40m net in FL
*Our friend and valued contributor Chet Copeland was victim of
 beating; now in nursing home. Our best wishes to him
*New 3850 Late Show talk net on 80m to compete with 3950    
*KPCC Pasadena CA cancelled popular show;
*KHJ calls resuming on 930 in LA due to Spanish obscenity
*Classical in Denver, KVOD in danger of conversion to Spanish format
*Two Colorado Springs stations swapping frequencies March 23
*RCI moving back into Maison de Radio-Canada during April
*What is the strange group of carriers 17375-17499 kHz?
*What are the noises in the 12100-12215 kHz range?
*Pulsing musical grinding sound 4790-4825 kHz?
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa, March 8
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, March 14; flux peak 220?
*World of Radio 1028; Glenn Hauser, here hoping you'll hear me again
 next week                                                      ###