WORLD OF RADIO #1025, produced Feb. 23, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*Our Saturday broadcast on WWCR 12160 moves from 2030 to 1730 next
 week or this
*Russia in Spanish blocks us on 9475, but moving to 15685 next week,
 Thursdays at 2130; all WWCR airings one UT hour earlier from April 2
*Iran denies jamming VOA and BBC; diminishes anyway after elections
*Afghanistan switches frequencies, resumes English
*R. Kurdistan, V. of the Kurdistan Socialist Democratic Party; V. of
 Independence, R. of the Conservative Party of Kurdistan, on 4 MHz;
 and hearable at
*Israel's English frequency at 0500 well heard in Australia
*Dates for DST this year in Israel, longer than ever; when SW will
 be one UT hour earlier
*BBC and Merlin sign deal to move Oman relay from Masirah Island to
 Al-Ashkarah on the mainland by Nov 2002
*BBC WS previews: The Bitter Pill; Off the Shelf: Beowulf; Talking
 Peace; Composer of the Month: Weill; Perfomance: Robeson
*BBC WS programme shakeup April 2 including cancelling Farming World
*Emerald Radio from Ireland back on WWCR March 27-April 2
*Norway digital SW tests again cause wide interference
*Croatian Radio relays via Germany back on 9 MHz after winter on 7
*R. Ukraine International's new English schedule we extracted
*Rai, Italy news replaced by strike grievances of journalists
*V. of Mediterranean, Malta new English schedule
*R. Liberia International on 5000 instead of 5100
*Star Radio, Liberia, running out of funding and may close at Febend
 [suggestions for other funding to" ]
*WOR 1025, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702, USA;
 or fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; check website for WOR schedules, DX
 Listening Digest archive, and much more
*Thanks to Jim Wishner for financial support
*Equatorial Guinea getting Chinese aid to improve SW
*Survey of opposition radios to Eritrea, Ethiopia
*New SW from Somalia: from Baidoa; and R. Banaadir, Mogadishu
*Iain Christie, director of R. Mozambique English, died
*R. Integracion, Peru on 59 meters  
*Spikes from Anguilla fixed, but power cut due to bad hose
*R. Barahona, Dominican Republic, back on different frequency
*James Latham back at RFPI, resuming Millennium Dreams, and Global
 Community Forum including Far Right Radio Review from Feb 24
*RFPI website again updated frequently:
*Nova Scotia Kitchen Party suddenly shows on CBC and RCI
*Polish staff about to be eliminated at VOA set up
*WYFR heard on very strange mixing product
*WBCQ-2 started Feb 21, but transmitter down; back Feb 24?
*WBCQ-2 may have bad reception in Europe due to appalling buzzing
*Big Steve Cole`s surgery went well
*Deepest condolences to colleague Marie Lamb, whose father died Feb 19
*Bob Hite, Sr., Lone Ranger announcer, died at 86
*Two Oklahoma public radio stations now stream: all classical and
*Tijuana has new FM and streaming classical
*Darwin could be using radiating load instead of dummy load for tests
*Australian Senate committee to report by April 4 on allowing
 foreign relays on SW
*RFA Saipan and Tinian not synchronized; via different feed circuits?
*10m repeater W1OJ in Massachusetts hosts worldwide contacts; see
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa, Feb 16
*Major storm missed earth Feb 20
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 22; flux peak 205
*Check our website
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1025               ###