WORLD OF RADIO #1024, produced Feb. 16, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*WOR on WWCR daytime Saturday on 12160: 2030 may continue until March;
 replacement maybe before then is 1730
*Thanks to Thomas Voelkner at RFPI for an article about us in German
 in the March issue of Radio Journal
*Ferdinand Schor died, responsible for design of Hallicrafters S-40,
 SX-42 and SX-62
*Cuts in staff announced at VOA; plans for future
*Karl Leite in Brazil is setting up a remote monitoring station for
 IBB; others planned
*R. Liberty reporter Andrei Babitsky still missing in Chechnya
*WBCQ-2 set for start Feb 21; lots of time still available
*Best wishes to Big Steve Cole, in surgery this week; Different Kind
 of Oldies Shows produced in advance
*New music show Saturday nights on WBCQ-1
*Neo-Nazi SW broadcaster Kevin Alfred Strom called a ``monster`` by
 his ex-wife on ABC 20/20; see
*FM pirates in New York City, no FCC enforcement; ethnics, not teens
*Clinton wants 13% increase in FCC budget, mostly mandatory
*Jonathan Schwartz brings standards back to WNYC-FM, AM
*``Uncle Bobby`` Collins, WGN-AM morning drive, killed in plane crash;
*CBC cutting 173 jobs, canceling TV programs; no direct effect on RCI
*R. Litoral, Honduras, reception window
*Peruvian DX catches: R. Uno; R. Nuevo Cajamarca; R. Real
*R. Blandengue, South American pirate, schedule this Saturday/Sunday
*LRA36 Antarctica on reduced schedule weekdays only
*This is WOR two to the tenth!
*Our address P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA;
 fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; check website
*Chuck Lorre's vanity messages on Dharma and Greg now on the web at
*Channel Africa to be commercialised
*Sierra Leone`s sign-off time
*ELWA Liberia confirmed back on 60 meters; send P-mail reports via:
 Radio ELWA, c/o SIM Liberia, 08 B.P. 886, Abidjan 08, Cote d`Ivoire
*V. of the Democratic Path of Ethiopian Unity [via Germany] fq change
*New phone number for offshore radio news, JB Infoline in Britain:
 07626 910 390
*New on BBCWS: R&B with DJ EE
*V. of Greece languages missing to Europe and North America, and relay
 BBC news in Greek, a language BBC says it does not use
*V. of Armenia correction to Sunday frequency: 15270
*Iran`s jamming of western broadcasts due to upcoming election, and
 anniversary of Islamic revolution; also against Deutsche Welle
*Sikkim heard in Thailand earlier than scheduled; also in Florida?
*New schedules for clandestines from S to N Korea, R. Echo of Hope and
 V. of the People
*V. of Indonesia in English again heard on 19m
*RRI Yogyakarta reactivated on 59m
*Hawai`ian MW station applies for 50/25 kW nondirectional
*NZ TV heard on 6m in Hawaii, flux only 156
*Intense sporadic E opening reached 220 MHz
*Highest solar flux last week was 199
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Feb 15; flux peak 175
*WOR 1024; Glenn Hauser inviting you to hear me again next week ###