WORLD OF RADIO #1023, produced Feb 8, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*New Feb Mundo Radial starts Feb 11, Fri 2215 on WWCR 9415
*V. of Tibet moves off 15685, clearing our Sat 1230, Tue 1200;
 Sat 2030 on 12160 airing of WOR to be canceled
*Iran jamming Persian broadcasts of VOA, R. Liberty, BBC with bubbles
 and Arabic; details and countermeasures
*New frequency for Galei Tsahal, Israel
*Israeli pirate broadcaster given jail term, fine
*Relays of six western stations via Uzbekistan, schedules
*Malaysian TV bans English, other foreign words to keep Malay pure
*Family Radio on new MW relay in Taiwan, stepping up power to 300 kW
*Radio Japan availablizes programming including English on web:
*CRI relay via Cuba missing, uncovering Romania
*CRI now on MW in London, via WRN; also on WRN-1 satellite to Eu, NAm
 and relays in American cities; unfair since China jams BBC, VOA
*Standard disclaimer
*In the midst of WOR 1023, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; E-mail
 has been bad past week: Fax if really necessary
 and do not assume I will get it immediately: 1-580-233-2948 attn
 Hauser; check our website
*Thanks this week for financial support: B. Cooley
*R. West New Britain, Papua New Guinea, back on air after lightning
 strike, earthquake
*Roberto Vincenzo Padula denies that Darwin has tested on air, or is
*All about the Hellschreiber: see our DX Listening Digests 19, 20, 22
 23, and 24; and the Fuzzy Modes website
*R. Sweden has E-mail list giving advance topics of daily English
 programs; info at
*Assignment returns to BBC WS Feb 17, starting with Lesotho
*Check how Austria plays Nazi resurgence story; English to NAm
*New internet-only ``radio`` station starts Feb 17 from Spain:
 WorldWide Radio at
*Voice of Africa, Libya`s external schedule and English times
*R. Omdurman heard with English an hour earlier
*Benin goes back to original frequency
*ELWA, Liberia returning to former 60m frequency, maybe already
*Sierra Leone confirmed back on SW with lower power, schedule
*Zimbabwe heard on 49 instead of 60m in evening
*Guinea-Bissau reported on 60m in English; needs confirmation
*HCJB's music programs on Spanish international services; see DXLD 17
*Others complain of spikes messing up entire 25m band from Anguilla
*Strike is over at CBC and RCI; back to normal by February 9
*Listings of DX and media programs should add some others on WBCQ;
 see DXLD 23; Real Amateur Radio Show; Tom and Darryl; Le Show; Off
 the Hook; Radio Detective; Allan Weiner Worldwide
*K4L, special event Feb 12 from Lincoln's birthplace; [set up skeds
 by 2200 UT Feb 11 to]
*Special MW DX test from WIMA Lima OH, Feb 21
*Motorola and LANL working on new methanol fuel cell mini-battery
 lasting ten times longer
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa Jan 26
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Feb 8; flux peak 195
*That's World of Radio 1023; I`m Glenn Hauser                 ###