WORLD OF RADIO #1021, produced Jan 26, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*WOR time changes on WWCR; Tue 1200 ex-1330 on 15685; Sat 1230 on
 15685 again has V. of Tibet clash; new Fri 1030 on 7435; possible
 new UT Sat 0400 on 3215
*VOA Communications World on WWCR moved to Wed 1200 on 15685
*R. Yemen well heard with music
*Israel changes English frequency again
*Israel's expatriate show now weekly; see DXLD #9 
*Galei Tsahal, Israel may have changed frequency
*R. Mogadishu return to SW was short-lived
*R. Madagascar heard on two 3 MHz frequencies, one harmonic
*Benin on new 41 mb frequency, IDing a mystery; see for national anthems
*US/Africa Ventures plans stratospheric telecomms thruout Africa
*Caribbean Beacon, Anguilla putting spikes all over 25m band
*R. Habana Cuba moving website; how they have done it so far
 via NY Transfer News Collective; see
*Zapatista broadcast heard on US pirate frequencies
*R. Miskut, Nicaragua, off since last July with power supply problem
*Monitoring the Ecuadorian coup on HCJB, R. Quito, web; see our
 DX Listening Digests #11 and 12
*R. La Hora, Peru frequency varied
*R. Juan XXIII, Bolivia, finally moved to 49m band
*R. Australia testing from unknown site, Darwin?
*V. of Indonesia in English may have changed bands
*Schedule for Taiwan including foreign relays on 11550
*South Korea decides to go with powerline communications, including
 internet with superfast modems despite interference to shortwave 
*Via SW, satellite, cable, internet, FM and AM, but not powerlines
 yet, WOR 1021, Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; Fax
 if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; our website
*R. Station Pacific Ocean SW schedule from Russia
*V. of Mongolia English heard in January with usual data interference
*All three of Slovakia's English frequencies to North America have
*BBCWS previews: Play of the Week: Sibling Rivalry; Composer of the
 Month: Brahms; Concert Hall: Viderunt Omnes Project; Millennium
 Concert: Samba from Rio; Just A Minute; Essential Guide to the XXI
 Century; Everywoman: war and peace; Talking Peace; Take Ten Teachers
*The Herb Show, weather service to Atlantic yachts from Canada
*Digital tests this week from Canada, Bonaire, England; how it sounds
*Town of Sackville has own website:
*CBC/RCI weekend music shows recommended: Global Village, Roots and
*VOA Baltic or other language cuts not to be decided until mid-Feb
*VOA director gets an earful in staff meeting over news, TV plans
*New on WBCQ: On Being Human; see and
 DXLD #15
*WBCQ-2 plans to operate in compatible sideband
*Tech Nation on AFN, KACU, WHYY, IBM website, produced at KQED, 
 See DXLD #15
*Inventor of spread spectrum Hedy Lamarr died Jan 19; see,1,5885,00.html
*Ham Radio Outlet Anaheim store destroyed by fire
*Berkeley Liberation Radio and San Francisco Liberation Radio may
 not be interested in legal lowpower FM
*FCC authorized lowpower FM; see
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, issued Jan 25; flux peak 205
*That`s WOR 1021; I'm Glenn Hauser                 ###