WORLD OF RADIO #1019, produced Jan 12, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*New time for WOR on WBCQ 7415 is Wednesdays 2230 UT
*Unusual mid-winter reception in Alberta at local noon: PNG, Zambia
*Extended holiday schedules from Zambia, Mauritania, Guinea
*Madagascar upon Zimbabwe frequency
*Sudan heard in Arabic, French, English
*V. of Sudan, clandestine schedule
*R. Tanzania reactivated frequency
*MBC Malawi schedule
*R. Gaalcayco, Somalia schedule, but on early for holiday
*Aydid plans to consolidate Mogadishu stations
*V. of the Democratic Path of Ethiopean Unity, clandestine via Germany
*R. Cairo resumed English on 9900
*Star Radio says Liberian government will lift ban on its SW
*New SW transmitters coming for Huambo and Luanda, Angola
*Portugal stops direct broadcasts to E Timor, but expands Tetum via
*Spain's weekly Ladino schedule
*NEXUS-IRRS testing USB on 7 MHz, reports wanted from N America
*Croatia fulfills plan to invade 40m band to W N America
*R. Prague plans to resume Russian; co-production with R. Polonia
*R. Slovakia Int'l has interference; staff leaving due to management
*BBC WS changing to 8 streams in April
*BBC WS previews: Joe Strummer's London Calling; Millennium Concert
*Merlin Network One schedule for Imagination, Global Sound Kitchen
*The Media Magazine you Monitor with your Mind, WOR 1019; or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; fax if really
 necessary 1-580-233-2948 may be temporarily out of order; check our
*Denmark has news in English and other languages on MW, LW and
 now RealAudio:
*R. Finland presidential election specials Jan 16/17?, Feb 6?
*R. Vilnius, Lithuania reports programs 2 and 3 off for a month
*Not only Romania, but Turkey also puts spurs on 17 MHz band
*Turkey hosting World Radiocommunication Conference 2000 [at Istanbul]
*V. of Iraqi People heard on 60 meter band
*Kol Israel frequency and antenna changes concerning English, Hebrew
*Turkmenistan replaces Russian with English news
*Takhar Radio as distinguished from V. of Mojahed on 7 MHz; Baghdad ID
 aired by mistake
*Pyongyang frequencies have partial blackouts
*Que Huong Radio expands broadcasts to Vietnam
*R. Central, Papua New Guinea, returning after three years
*KTWR Guam ceasing local programming including Pacific DX Report at end
 of March for rest of B-period [not A as I said]
*Frequencies for last week's Extra 32 story on Alice Springs School of
 the Air; and Royal Flying Doctor Service
*Deepest condolences to Lathams and Schneiders on death of Ruth
 Schneider, Debra Latham's mother
*RFPI Homelessness Marathon UT Jan 26, pre-empts WOR and COM [more info
*Strike at RCI Montreal started Dec 31
*Special mediumwave DX tests, Jan 17-30 from MA, CA, DC[non], DE
*KNEW, San Francisco, changing to all-technology format
*CBS Radio Mystery Theatre now airing on some NPR stations including
 WRVO Oswego NY at
*Berkeley Liberation Radio heard on FM
*Albany 50 kW resumes original call, changes format
*New Latin American Music Styles Webpage
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Jan 11
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser concluding WOR 1019                          ###