WORLD OF RADIO #1017, produced Dec. 22, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*New Mundo Radial starts Fri Dec 24 2215 UT on WWCR 9475, with
 new info, recording of St Louis FM pirate
*Not giving any URLs this week on air; check here for hotlinks
*CIDX posted New Year monitoring schedule: [now corrected!]
*British DX Club has new DX programme schedule:
*VOA running radio plays Dec 25 and Jan 1; special times for VOA
 Communications World at:
*Strife at R. Marti: news director demoted:
*WGTG shifting frequency to accomodate Army Materiel Command,
 installing solar power backup
*WBCQ news: testing No. 2 Dec 23 or 24; Pagan Potpourri quitting;
 Radio Detective replaces; Full Disclosure
*Patrick Towson, telecom digest moderator, suffered a stroke
*FCC denies W0KIE network petition to allow broadcasting on UHF;
 W0KIE closes down satellite network
*WPIX in NYC running yule log fire on website:
*TV networks with special Millennium programming, such as CNN
*Mexico City harmonic heard in Texas
*La Voz de la Resistencia, Colombian clandestine, reported by four
*HCJB DX Partyline holiday, vacation specials
*Peru busts R. Libertad, even tho it is licensed; formerly on SW
*New Bolivian, R. Constelacion
*R. Candip, D.R. Congo heard on both frequencies
*Chad and 5 other stations clash on 6165
*Alistair Cooke too ill to make Letter from America last week;
 interview reveals his age, medical problem, what he is paid, his
 apartment rent [part in our DX Report 99-77]
*BBC WS new programs, and many Millennium specials: Lifespan; Bug
 Watch 2000; My Century; Future Perfect; Discovery; The Essential
 Guide to the XXI Century; Talking Point; Spanish live special;
 African special; The Internet: the Last XX Century Battleground
*This is the non-governmental, non-corporate, non-communist, non-
 commercial, non-musical DX program, WOR 1017, P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702, USA; or or by fax if really
 necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; our website
*Thanks this week for financial support: B. Cooley
*Tip for Rational Living
*R. Free London, pirate, shifted frequency, big plans for holiday
 broadcasts on 4 SW frequencies:
*Radio RSG, special from Germany, Jan 1 only
*Telefunken SW transmitter manufacturer closing down, firing staff in
 Germany after being sold to Continental
*Alexanderson alternator testing Jan 1-2 again on VLF from SAQ Sweden
*Can you identify harmonic on 29160?
*Correcting last week: first R. Tirana broadcast is not half an hour
*Israeli radio pirate sentenced to prison and fine
*Israel's frequency move will clash with WEWN
*Qatar running all night for Ramadan, clashing with Nederland
*Abu Dhabi running all night on 17 MHz, but timesignals are off
*R. Internationale, clandestine for Iran, site pinpointed
*CRI [and Portugal] special Macao coverage in our DX Reports
*Best 60m frequency from India in mornings [Steve Martin, not Dave]
*V. of Tibet, clandestine, schedule
*R. Thailand seems to have Timor troop service
*RNZI carried out more tests for East Timor
*RNZI special Xmas day programming
*Trying to convince RNZI to use 9700 for Millennium; schedule
*Chatham Islands reaches 2000 before NZ
*Special website with countdown:
*R. Australia Xmas and New Year programming plans
*NASA website on lackluster current solar cycle:
*Solar wind virtually disappeared last May:
*F2 MUF went above 50 MHz Dec 11-13
*47 GHz band distance record claimed
*The new 2000 World Radio TV Handbook gets scathing first reviews;
 section omitted to be on website:
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa, Dec 15
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Dec 21; flux peak 210
*That's World of Radio 1017; Glenn Hauser inviting you to listen again
 next week
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