WORLD OF RADIO #1016, produced Dec. 15, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*New Continent of Media began on RFPI Dec 10; schedule at our website
*Our Shortwave Year in Review on VOA Communications World C-segment
 Dec 25, plus deluxe half-hour edition
*Finnish ham DXpedition to Pitcairn in January, VP6BR; see
*Solomon Islands heard on SW in Europe, MW in Oregon
*Dec 20 is 60th anniversary of R. Australia; In the Pipeline series
 is repeating
*Australian legislation to allow licensing of international
 broadcasters is underway; may make SW possible from HCJB, RFA
*Ramadan allows tropical Indonesians to be heard in European eves
*V. of Vietnam English schedule on SW
*CRI featuring Macao-themed programs as about to take it over
*CRI's real English schedule to North America
*CRI harmonic heard on 21 MHz band
*R. Pyongyang's complete English schedule
*RKI special holiday programming from South Korea
*RKI's new jingles may be heard at:
*Magadan changes frequency to clash with WWCR
*V. of Tibet keeps changing frequencies; away from us, anyway
*Pakistan's English broadcast at 1600 on measured frequencies
*Iran's English schedules on SW, and on
*V. of the Struggle of Iranian Kordestan
*Abu Dhabi harmonic on 35 MHz band; or is it Kuwait?
*R. Jordan's special Xmas concert
*Israel harmonic on 31 MHz band
*Israel changes Hebrew frequency; adds an English frequency
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1016; or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; fax attn
 Hauser 1-580-233-2948; check our website for schedules, DX info:
*Our appreciation this week for financial support to: Rod Scribner
*Portugal changes frequency for East Timor service
*Portugal heard on 31 MHz second harmonic
*Malta heard well in English broadcast
*Contradictory schedules for R. Tirana, Albania
*Tirana harmonic in 20m hamband
*Moldova has a fourth English broadcast
*R. Chechnya Svobodnaya also broadcast via one Moscow transmitter
*R. Gardarika SW plans cancelled for lack of money
*V. of Orthodox schedule via Germany, and unknown site
*Deutsche Telekom starting new relay Dec 22 from unknown station
*DW's traditional holiday programming pattern
*Don't you believe reports that R. Sweden antennas blown to bits
*BBC WS previews: Millennium Concert; Festival of Nine Lessons and
 Carols; Xmas Message from HM The Queen; Waveguide; Millennium Eve
 specials next week
*Montreal's two new all-news stations started Dec 14, from own sites,
 not CBC
*RCI's new broadcast to Africa is underway
*Pacficia's Washington station cancels Counterspin
*Solstice Live, Paul Winter Concert worth seeking on public radio;
 Dec 22 on WNYC-FM
*WRMI schedule for Wavescan, Viva Miami in middle of the night
*George Jacobs still trying to sell WRMI, WRNO, WSHB; did sell TIAWR
*MW harmonic from Costa Rica: Radio La Fuente Musical
*Last week's Peruvian R. Amistad second report should have been
 attributed to Rafael Rodriguez
*R. San Antonio, Peru, planned return to air Dec. 15
*R. Juan XXIII, Bolivia, still on old frequency
*R. Transmundial, Brazil, changing one of its frequencies
*Antarctic satellite ham radio expedition across mountains of Maud
 land; text and pix at
*US TV ch 6 audio may have been DXed in England; read all about it at or hear the clip at
*Lots of propagation info at
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Dec 14; solar flux only 150-160!
*And so another WOR draws to its close, 1016; Glenn Hauser from Enid
 OK, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA
*Wishing you and yours very happy holidays; much more DX and holiday
 information next week                                          ###