WORLD OF RADIO #1015, produced Dec 8, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*Apologies to WRN listeners who could not hear WOR 1014 last week and
 delayed on RFPI; is now available at
*RFPI on 25 MHz heard long after dark here, and in New Zealand
*Much more info about Radio International, Iranian clandestine
 formerly on WWCR
*Ramadan now underway; Afghanistan changes sign-on times
*Pakistan changes frequency to avoid HCJB
*unID Mideast on 13980-USB
*UAE Radio Dubai well heard, but English news diminished
*TWR on 48 meter band is from Armenia; background to English show
 for isolated, depressed Christians
*TWR moving Caribbean/LA operation HQ from Bonaire to Miami
*R. Moldova Int'l strong but mushy via Romania; English schedule
*Harmonics from ex-Soviet sneg transmitters
*R. Gardarika revised schedule via St. Pete Dec 10-12, 17-19
 [LATER: never mind; this has been cancelled; see DX Report 99-71]
*R. Sweden had 60th anniversary special with no notice; on web at and part2  
*Atlantic 252, longwave from Ireland will not close at yearend
*RTE consolidating SW via Merlin network, plans to drop WWCR; when
 to hear in North America
*BBC WS previews: A Season for Everything: Holy Paradoxes; Plays of
 the Week
*3930 unID is Laser Hot Hits, Europirate, also 24h on two more
 frequencies; QSL via maildrop: P O Box  293, Merlin, Ont., Canada
*Digital Radio Mondiale tests heard by three; just noise on analog
*DW provides paper model of broadcast van via website:
*Standard disclaimer
*WOR 1015, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA;
 fax if really necessary to attn of Hauser: 1-580-233-2948
*Latest schedule, archive of DX news and much more at our website
*I have been experimenting with issuing my DX news reports frequently,
 available on website; donations invited to encourage me to continue
 as explained at
*V. of Greece English times as monitored, including Greek lessons
*Macedonian station well heard
*Kenya back on 60 meters overriding Ghana
*Algeria has new MW frequency for external service instead of LW
*R. Liberia International back on 49, 59 metres
*R. Amistad, Peru on new frequency [Colombian monitor was Rafael
 Rodriguez, not Jorge Garcia Rangel! -- this week's major flub]
*Manolo de la Rosa back doing DX segments on R. Rebelde, RHC Spanish
*690 in Montreal starts announcing new call letters
*Major topic for Quirks and Quarks this weekend
*MW harmonic from North Carolina
*Special MW DX tests Dec 18 from PA; Dec 20 from MA
*Jim Bohannon talkshow from Washington not heard there; try from North Dakota
*When to hear John Henry Faulk's traditional Xmas story
*Space Support Net from AF MARS
*KAIJ changes frequency upon Cuban complaint
*Allan Weiner plans ship broadcasting next summer; the Electra just
*VOA Communications World scheduling change coming in February
*R. Free Asia schedule with sites shows KNLS and Delano no longer used
*R. Pyongyang has two different schedule announcements; more English
 to North America, Europe
*R. Taibei International, English to Europe via WYFR; also Russian
*RNZI should acquire second transmitter; the case made at
*Richard E. Wood resurfaces in Hawaii; may hold DX meeting
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Dec 7: flux peak 210
*That's WOR 1015; I'm Glenn Hauser                            ###