WORLD OF RADIO #1012, produced Nov. 17, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*RFPI back on 6975; may move to new USB frequency on 21 MHz; who not
 25 now?
*WBCQ clashing with VOA-Botswana during our WOR broadcast; how is
 interference where you are?
*New Saturday times on WWCR: 1230 on 15685, 2030 on 12160
*WOR difficult to hear on WWCR in Germany; Dec-Feb Thu 2130 to be
 back on 9475
*R. Free Chechnya suddenly appears from Russia on extensive SW
 schedule [already outdated: see new one in DX Report 99-55]
*V. of Russia schedule in English to North America
*YLE Radio Finland English programs
*All about Esperanto and SW stations broadcasting it:
*Emile Van Dulken, early with R. Nederland, died in Oct; Jim
 Vastenhoud and Harry van Gelder have not
*Strike at French public radio and TV including RFI
*BBCWS Waveguide monthly airs this weekend
*BBC Radio 1 RealAudio feed runs 60-75 minutes late; how come?
*BBCWS launching language online sites: Arabic, Chinese, Russian,
 Spanish at a megapound each
*Digital Radio Network, commercial, launched in Britain
*R. Tirana has an earlier English broadcast
*St. Helena's only supply ship breaks down
*R. Gaalkacyo, Puntland region of Somalia as monitored; how do
 you pronounce it??
*V. of Iraqi Kurdistan and Harim Radio schedules on same frequency
*V. of Turkey dumps English for more Turkish after second quake;
 English better here on a broadcast to SW Asia
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1012; or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; fax if really
 necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; check website for latest DX
 reports and schedules of all our broadcasts:
*Thanks this week for financial support: B. Cooley
*Tips for Rational Leaving flash by after Dharma and Greg on ABC-TV
*All India Radio General Overseas Service in English schedule
*Hams help relief operations in Orissa; frequencies to keep clear
*V. of Vietnam English broadcast well heard here
*Vietnamese on 60 meter band identified
*BBC 12095 has clash from something in Vietnamese [later: actually 
 Khmere, identified as FEBC Philippines 1030-1300!]
*China domestic on 15070 seems to be jammer, but against what?
*Correcting PNG item last week: R. West New Britain has not been off
 for a year
*R. Simbu, Papua New Guinea, gets gambling money for equipment from
 USA to return to air
*New Argentine SW station: R. Ghost/Fantasma, MW harmonic from Lanus
 Este, Bs. As. province
*R. Juan XXIII, Bolivia, La Voz Catolica de la Chiquitania, moving
 from 60 to 49 meters
*Peruvian 2 MHz harmonic heard in USA, R. Chota
*Digital test schedule from RN Bonaire this week, but not heard
*Encuentro DX, new schedule from R. Mil, Mexico City
*RCI replaces sports with comedy program; expands Ontario Morning to
 two hours; plans morning African service
*WOW, Omaha, changing calls Nov 22 after 76 years, to KOMJ
*Radio Hall of Fame Saturday Nov 20 at 9 pm CST, on which stations?
 [later, starts at 8 pm CST, confirmed at least on WGN 720 - Copeland;
 OR DOES IT? See DX Report 99-56]
*William Winter, early VOA commentator, honored in Philippines,
 reviled by R. Toyko, died in October
*All is not well at the University Network: Dr. Gene Scott says he
 has fired top people
*WRMI has Nov. 26-27 special from Venezuelan club, and by then may
 have changed 7 MHz frequency
*Website listing 26 MHz band feeders and cue stations:
*Website for Leonid meteor shower:
*Sa'udi MW megawatt makes it to USA 2 hours before sunset
*Solar flux peaking very high, such as 249
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov 16: flux peak 225
*That's WOR 1012; I'm Glenn Hauser                            ###