WORLD OF RADIO #1008, produced Oct 20, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*I substitute for Kim Elliott again this week on Communications World,
 VOA News Now, UT Sat Oct 23 0136, 0535, 1136, 1736
*New edition of Mundo Radial starts Oct 22, Fri 2115 on 15685; from
 November shifts to 2215 on 9475; check script on WOR website
*DST in NAm ends at 2 am local Oct 31; also start of B-99 SW season
 with many time and/or frequency changes
*WOR on WWCR shifts one UT hour later from Oct 31 on same frequencies:
 Thu 2130 15685, Sat 1230 12160, Sun 0330 and 0630 5070, Mon 0130
 3215, Mon 0600 3210, Tue 1330 15685
*V. of Tibet again clashing Tue at 1230, but should escape it at 1330
*Websites containing many new B-99 schedules, including BBC/Merlin and
 DW: and
*Joe Hanlon now has E-mail inviting contacts regarding
 frequency management issues
*Oct 22 special event W1A/CC for Marconi's 125th; also dedicating
 monument on Cape Cod
*Jean Shepherd, prolific radio raconteur, died Oct 6; old shows are
 on WBCQ 7415, Fridays 2030-2130; several websites dedicated to him:
*Spectrum considering calling it quits; to decide on a listener
 appreciation show Oct 30
*Star Spangled Banner found on a rare shortwave broadcast, WINB
*President of Estonia speaks about RFE to embarrassed VOA audience
*Robert Rabinovitch confirmed as new head of CBC to press plaudits
*His predecessor James McCoubrey is recovering from head injury with
 severe memory loss
*Greenland SW special last week was cancelled
*UKE Senderen, Norway student special SW is off and on but trying
*Sweden's new B-99 English schedule
*New RTE Ireland relay on 13 MHz must be Sackville, as another
 such frequency listed for B-99
*Wales Radio International frequency changes for B-99
*BBC WS in early November: Trading Places; From Our Own Correspondent;
 Letter from America; Likeness of Being; Print the Legend; Composer
 of the Month: Bernstein; Concert Hall; Pick of the World; Dewali,
 the Hindu Festival of Light; Seeing Stars
*1008th edition of World of Radio, Box 1684, Enid OK 73702, USA; or by fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948
 [attention Hauser]. See website for schedules of all our broadcasts
 and summaries, scripts:
*Thanks this week for financial support, to Bill Flynn
*Standard disclaimer
*British Telecom to demolish historic Rugby transmitter site
*Red Cross broadcasts to the Balkans
*RVI Belgium changes both Bonaire relay frequencies
*High end of 21 MHz band tried not only by SW Relay Service but also
*Alfa Lima International
*Deutsche Welle's plans for 11 meters in B-99 season
*Austria's B-99 English includes new morning relay via Canada
*Previous Budapest schedule was for last year; now, this winter's
*R. Bulgaria's B-99 English
*R. St. Helena finally QSLing last year's broadcast
*This year's possibly final R. St. Helena Day is Sat Oct 23
*Tune in an hour earlier when pirates habitually appear
*Channel Africa B-99 English
*Major nomad on 60m is Mauritania, frequency drift tracked to late
*Israel Radio B-99 English
*Galei Tzahal supposed to be 24 hours on SW
*Proposal to make Israel's Reshet Alef all Torah all the time
*Jordan shifted time Oct 1 for English
*R. Pakistan website unchanged, but inaccurate; more English times
*V. of Mongolia English schedule
*Bhutan as heard in Arizona
*Myanmar heard late enough for English
*BBCWS and Red Crosses launched Radiolink for Timor refugees
*Newfoundland DXpedition pulled in Falkland Islands; ongoing reports
 on special website:
*RFPI program time changes: angelic music, Spiritual Awakening,
 Alternative Radio
*Currently active Chilean SW frequencies
*All-music Chilean transmitters on 47-49 MHz band as 6m DX pilots
*Bill Hepburn provides tropo ducting DX forecasts at
*Ionopsheric propagation outlook from Ottawa
*Outlook from Boulder, Oct 19: disturbed and major storms; flux peak
*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1008             ###