WORLD OF RADIO #1007, produced Oct. 13, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*New WOR time on WWCR expected to start Oct. 18: UT Monday 0030 on
 3215; temporary?
*Major season time and frequency changes Oct. 31 when DST ends, and
 B-99 shortwave frequency season begins
*WOR will then be one UT hour later on WWCR, WBCQ and WRN1; same UT
 on RFPI. More details in a week or two
*Check our website for the latest on our schedule changes, especially
 the Anomaly Alert link:
*Coup in Pakistan leads to monitoring R. Pakistan. Last week we gave
 new schedule; see our Oct. 7 DX report. One English news broadcast
 tentatively heard
*Pakistan TV and radio seized by army at the outset 
*Villagers near new Sri Lanka relay accuse VOA of dumping toxic
 waste; VOA denies it is toxic
*Russian harmonics heard in 23-24 MHz band
*Also Mongolia harmonic on 24 MHz revealing frequency change on 12
 MHz, where we also heard it
*Radio Free Asia relay schedule via Mongolia
*FEBC Philippines frequency change in English; DX Dial new times
 and frequencies
*The latest on possibly reactivating Darwin site in Australia; and
 on legislation to allow foreign stations to be relayed
*Australian Defence Forces Radio also heard with forces program to
 East Timor
*Greenlandic FM station to run one-hour SW test for DX contest Oct 17
 instead of Fiji; for latest info see
 [LATER: NEVER MIND: this has been cancelled too]
*RCI B-99 schedule shows only one 16mb frequency in our mornings
*WGTG E-mails plans to build 3rd transmitter, two antennas, change
 calls as commercial, not Christian station, increase interference
 to WWCR on cheap radios
*WRMI posted new schedule; extended use of 7465 not heard or listed
*WGN Chicago Extension 720 previews
*Check Cybershortwave Live Sunday mornings; see
*Via USB, AM, FM, subcarrier, satellite, internet, this is WOR 1007; or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA;
 fax if really necessary, 1-580-233-2948
*Thanks this week to B. Cooley for financial support
*R. Mosoj Chaski, Bolivia, schedule on reduced power
*R. A.N.D.E.S., Bolivia changed name to R. Maico, more likely Mallku
*R. Coremarca, Peru, may start with a K- and what the name means
*R. Arequipa a.k.a. R. Arequipa Bethel
*R. Fenix, mediumwave harmonic from Ecuador
*R. Viva, and Ondas de Palo Cabildo, MW harmonics from Colombia
*Voz de la Resistencia, Bloque Oriental, frequency observations
*Encuentro DX program on XEOI, Radio Mil, starts Oct 14; schedule;
 reports wanted to R. Mil Onda Corta, Apdo. Postal 21-1000, 04021
 Mexico 21, DF
*After more than 6 months of clashing, BBC moved off another
 Mexican's frequency so R. Educacion is in the clear as well as BBC
*BBC WS previews: Millennium Concert from Bethlehem; Australian Talk
 Back; The Imposters; Waveguide with Li Dan
*Additional frequency for RTE Ireland at 1830; site?
*Norway student SW station active for 3 weeks now
 [see ]
*R. Samorodinka, rare 75-meter Russian heard
*KNLS Alaska test schedule Oct 16 via St. Petersburg; reports wanted
 to and to
*R. Ukraine Int'l DX program on curtailed schedule
*R. Budapest B-99 English schedule, one clashing with BBC
*The Two Bobs are back with Tourism Rendezvous until Oct 18 at
*DW changes to cope with budget cut
*Qatar clashing with VOA on 16m
*V. of the People of Kurdistan
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Oct 12
*That's WOR 1007, Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser inviting you to join me again next week         ###