WORLD OF RADIO #1006, produced Oct 6, 1999 by Glenn Hauser                                

*Standard disclaimer
*New time for us on WWCR from Oct: UT Monday 0030 on 3215; all other
 WOR times on WWCR remain as before
*WorldSpace, direct satellite radio to Africa, inaugurated Oct 1,
 including World Radio Network; including World of Radio??
*Continent of Media 99-07 started on RFPI Oct 2; hope also now on
*We fill in for Kim Elliott again this week on Communications World,
 VOA News Now, one report aired in only one of the three slots UT Oct
 9; see
*Bill Cheek, Monitoring Times Experimenter's Workshop columnist,
 diagnosed with incurable lung cancer and has no medical insurance;
 hobbyists asked to help with contributions to a trust fund at
 Union Bank of California, 8359 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego CA 92126;
 account no. 0771354719 payable to Bill or Cindy Cheek
*Monitoring Times Express, entire magazine now available in electronic
 form by subscription; sample the August issue at or info from 1-800-438-8155, subscribe at
*As I record on Oct 6, it's the deadline date for final decision to
 be made on drastic budget cuts to Deutsche Welle, but nothing yet
 on -- surely we'll have news in time for VOA CW
*Norway will not use 11 meters this winter contrary to plans
*Finland's winter evening English to North America frequency
*Wales Radio International coming in very well last Saturday to
 North America; they have a competition for trips to Wales;
 transmitter sites
*Sir Paul McCartney series on BBC WS, Roots of Rock; Assignment is
 back for a new season: topics in October
*Online newspaper site: and links to
 audio news broadcasts
*(Recording) Paul David, England wants advice on setting up a radio
 station for the visually impaired: tel. 44 181 933 5913; E-mail or P-mail: Paul David, 24 Farnborough
 Close, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 9UP
*WOR 1006, thanking Jim Strader this week for financial support; or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; fax if
 really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; our website
*Special QSL card for October farewell broadcasts of La Estacion de
 la Alegria on Radio Nederland
*Another Tamil program via Madagascar, Tamil Broadcasting
*Mahendra Vaghjee quickly found frequency for reactivated Aydid
 Somali station, R. Mogadishu, V. of the People
*Election official says essential for Star Radio, Liberia to resume
*WSUI listeners' last chance to be reminded of R. St. Helena Day,
 Sat Oct 23 19-24 UT on 11092.5 USB; is return postage necessary?
 Many have not received QSLs for last year yet
*All but 5 Brazilian states went to DST October 3
*Brazilian waterfall second harmonic on 12 MHz
*Colombian clandestines still have websites, changed URLs:
 and ELN:
 Per Transmitter Documentation Project
*Caracol Florencia, Colombia, reactivated
*Voz de la Resistencia, Colombian clandestine changing frequencies
 daily; more details in our DX Report 99-43
*AFRTS carried Perspective on only one frequency, not all three
*The Real Amateur Radio Show on WBCQ, time and date of start
*Radio 510 International: how we think the number/name was chosen
*WRMI heard using 7465 much earlier in evening, unjammed, including
 Prague relays
*R. New Zealand International likes 17675 so much that it is dropping
*Correxions to previous report: Kununurra (note spelling) is in
 Western Australia; HCJB project has no joint venture with US
 government: U S Board mentioned referred to WRMF
*Australian Timor Hour underway, fairly good here on one frequency
*R. Pakistan World Service schedule shows reduction in English
*R. Sultanate of Oman has another English frequency, also blocked
*Memorial site for the late Bill Pfeiffer, both at and
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Oct 5; K-index peak 5; flux
 peak only 160
*Remember to hear even more media news from us Oct. 9 on
 Communications World, VOA News Now
*This has been the MVIth edition of WOR; me? I'm Glenn Hauser  ###