WORLD OF RADIO #1005, produced Sept. 29, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*Last week on WBCQ, WOR faded out due to propagation disturbance
*V. of Tibet quickly moved off WWCR clash during World of Radio
*New search engine for radio monitors:
*Larry Van Horn evalutates the new Icom R-75 SW receiver
*Drake offering spare parts and crystals at reduced prices for
 receivers, transceivers: ...
*New VOA director Ungar makes second appearance on Talk to America
 Friday Oct 1, under new organizational structure
*WBCQ program changes: Idio-Audio; Real Radio
*Different Kind of Oldies Show this week and next: first anniversary,
 live, requests invited
 See playlists at
*WTJC heard on new off-frequency, mixed with teletype (recording)
*Hugh Downs, retired from TV, continues essays on Perspective, ABC
 Radio; some stations carrying it, including AFRTS
*This American Life about scanner scum this weekend
*CBC News president Robert Culbert resigns, fuelling fears huge
 cutbacks are coming
*Paul Ormandy's South Pacific DX Resource website moved to:
*RNZI still stuck on 17675 only
*UNAMET wants to use Darwin ASAP to reach East Timor
*R. Australia (not ADFR) starting weekday hour to forces in Timor
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*In the midst of WOR 1005
*Thanks to LeRoy Long in Oklahoma for financial support
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 fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948
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*V. of Islam, Malaysia, expands English broadcast
*Laos well heard in English music program
*Is Oman still in English at 2300 on 9735; loggings of the other
 English hour, blocked here by HCJB; low modulation, simulcast of
 FM service, to Europe
*Galei Zahal, Israel again on SW; and added live audio on the web
 [ ]
*New frequency from Voice of Israel in English
*V. of People of Kurdistan moves out of 40 meter hamband
*V. of Russia new program Bless My Soul, O Lord, masterpieces of
 Orthodox music
*R. Caroline again on SW via Latvia last weekend
*One-watt temporary MW station RNI in England heard in Newfoundland
*Wales Radio International a new customer weekly on Merlin, sked
*R. Luxembourg plans comeback on MW in November
*R. Mogadishu, pro-Aydid reported back on the air Sept 29
*Zimbabwe SW schedule for Radio 2 and Radio 4 networks
*Channel Africa well heard on new English frequency
*Special event ham operation for Boer War centenary Oct 7-13
*Chilean MW station DXed in Newfoundland
*HCJB bracing for Pichincha eruption as alert status raised
*Websites for FARC and ELN Colombian rebels no longer to be found,
 but the strange military site continues, starting with animation:
*Support RFPI in current membership drive, offering premiums of
 magazine subscriptions, books; listen on 6975, 15049, 21460-USB
 [or see ]
*Dominican Republic's R. Villa enjoyed by many, and they want
 reports, address
*Trans-equatorial FM DX season into southern Brasil has started with
 Barbados stations heard; also Peru
*Proposal to designate 87.9 MHz for Emergency Radio Data Service;
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa, Sept 22 [not 27]; see
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Sept 28
*That's WOR 1005; I'm Glenn Hauser                           ###