WORLD OF RADIO #1003, produced Sept 15, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*Last week's mistakes: name of BBC Radio 5 overnight program; date
 for start of BBC WS A World for Children
*WWCR 12160 Sat 1130 has interfering carrier 12161/12162; what's it?
*My new Spanish DX report for Sept on RN Radio-Enlace Sept 17-19 only
*Hurricane monitoring: WOKV-690, Jacksonville, FL widely heard on 690;
 NWS relays of Perfect Paul on many stations including X-banders;
 emergency ham frequencies; widely heard AM stations with daytime
 facilities at night; from Miami,; Bahamas
*WNEW-FM New York converts from rock to talk
*VOA's Talk to America Friday topic; only frequency we can hear
*A Different Kind of Oldies Show time change on WBCQ
*R. Marti's new frequency now jammed, as well as old one; why we
 think they moved; bad news for XERMX
*Cuban jammer harmonic heard by VOA
*Several major broadcasters ordered Thomcast Skywave 2000 equipment
 for digital SW
*Conference Sat Sept 25, Audio Engineering Society in NY on digital
 broadcasting; see
*The Numbers Racket CD-ROM on numbers stations; see 
*Jay Novello moved to new server including Pete Costello's SW catalog
*Radio Shack 2000 catalog now available free; shows one new SW DX-399
*Southern California Area DXers meeting Sat Sept 18 noon, Seal Beach;
 info from Bill Fisher, 714-522-6434
*Sept 22, Wed, Broadcasting at the Millennium, Milwaukee, free;
 including Newton Minow; info 608-255-2600
*Fall DX Get-together, Lake of the Ozarks, Osage Beach, MO, Sept 25-26;
 info from John Tudenham, 417-624-8058
*WOR 1003, or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; fax
 if really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser  See our website
*Review of International Broadcasting Online sliding subscription rate
 now descended to only $10 for next 2300K; see website link for info.
 By subscribing to RIB Online you help to support the continued
 broadcast of this free program, World of Radio
*Thanks this week for WOR financial support to: Mike Harla, NJ
*Globe & Mail supports Mark Starowicz to head CBC
*C'est la Vie is back on CBC and RCI
*Manolo de la Rosa doing DX page on
*RFPI's XIIth anniversary Fiesta on the Air, UT Fri Sept 17 0000-0400
 on 6975, 15049, 21460-USB; call-ins and prizes
*La Voz de la Resistencia del Bloque Oriental, Colombian clandestine
 on new frequency; UCSD no longer hosts FARC
*Madagascar audio mixing problem explained and fixed
*Baghdad Radio Iraq International heard at new time in English
*V. of Mojahed, clandestine for Iran on three new far out of band fqs
*R. Simbu, Kundiawa, Papua New Guinea reactivated after one year
*R. Australia has new relays to Indonesia via Taiwan; later Singapore
*Aussie comms minister still denies usage of Darwin transmitters
*Communications between UNAMET and Darwin intercepted on SW
*Portugal expands to 24-hour service to Timor Loro Sae; heard here
*Underground SW programming from Georgia, detailed schedules
*Ukraine has only one SW transmitter site left; schedule
*Latvia used "Magic Star" as test audio; plans Merlin-like service
*Romania's SW transmitters putting out lots of spurs
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Sept 14
*That's WOR 1003; I'm Glenn Hauser                               ###