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      CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-05, produced May 8, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*COM 01-05, SW broadcast exclusively on Radio for Peace International
 and webcast by DXing.com, sponsored by Universal Radio,
*Private FM station at Spanish Wells, Eleuthera, Bahamas on 89.9,
 Splash FM; see Radio World April 25, http://www.splashfmradio.com
 [Yes, I know, Bahamas and Turks & Caicos are in Atlantic, not Carib]
*Best bets for Puerto Rican MW DX on the mainland
*Cuba`s Radio Reloj has website with some historical audio, song
 about timesignal stations, but no stream: http://www.radioreloj.cu
*Swan Island DX Association mainly about ham radio, but island
 radio history too: http://www.qsl.net/sidxa/history.html
*Only one MW station left active on Aruba; see DXLD 1-062
*Ronnie Bowers, missionary shot down in Peru was a ham, KD4CKM
*Fred Waterer thinks HCJB is a cut above other Christian stations
*Managua, Nicaragua has new MW station, La Poderosa 560
*Guatemala reserves 1440 and 107.5 for Asociacion Nacional para
 la Comunicacion, la Cultura, el Arte y el Desarrollo [but this
 is denounced by El Consejo Guatemalteco de Comunicacion Comunitaria
 which says it blocks indigenous groups from getting radio]
*Fred Cantu`s site links to many Mexican stations, including audio:
*Mexico`s TV Azteca plans to do naked news like Canada, Russia
*Its rival Televisa cancels ECO news network, lays off 2500
*R. Mexico International asks listeners to fill out pdf
 questionnaire via http://www.imer.gob.mx [XERMX is the first button
 on the left; hard to navigate. The questionnaire direct is:
 http://www.imer.gob.mx/programacion/cuesting.pdf ]
*Who killed micro radio? ZDNet article on Low Power FM:
*It`s not really dead: one LPFM in OK, Enid, has construction
 permit, and 8 more are on track for CP; see Oklahoma Broadcasting
 News http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio/Oklahoma6.html
*FCC Chairman Powell promises even more de-regulation; outgoing
 commissioner Gloria Tristani objects to trend
*In the midst of COM 01-05; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702;
 wghauser@hotmail.com http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio
*FCC chairman hints schedule for digital TV may be delayed
*Crash course in DTV at http://www.pbs.org/opb/crashcourse and
 lots about it via http://tpt.org/dtv
 [beware of finding your own PBS station at the pbs site; once you
 do that, cookie prevents you from going to the national site!]
*WETA Washington has lots of other stuff besides main channel;
 List of US AM and FM stations testing IBOC (inband onchannel)
*Blake Lawrence of XM Satellite Radio makes its case for diverse,
 not very commercial programming
*The Future of Radio, article in Radio World, ``It`s Radio, Jim,
 But Not as We Know It`` at
*Commercial radio hates seniors, example WGAY format change in
 Washington; see Frank Ahrens column in Washington Post, April 17
*Top O' Texas public radio project mentioned last month: WTFK?
 89.5 near Perryton, stinky town due to feedlots
*The Shack, FM 92.7 pirate in Jackson, WY busted, but sparks
 community radio movement
*In rock heyday, WABC had deal with PAMS for exclusive jingles
 http://musicradio.computer.net/pams.html for loads of WAV files
*Article on our favorite broadcast humorist Harry Shearer:
*Chicago has at least two talking billboards, `Radio Cadillac`
*KPM556, 25950 in Portland OR, improving antenna, power
*AgroMedicine Institute being developed at abandoned VOA
 Greenville-C site; HCJB wants the antenna towers
*Origins of radio-speak: http://ac6v.com/humors.htm
*That`s COM 01-05; Glenn Hauser inviting you also to hear my other
 program weekly, World of Radio                     ###