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        CONTINENT OF MEDIA 00-08, produced Oct. 3, 2000
        by Glenn Hauser

*Some think this program is ``Content of Media``; how it was named
*COM is not especially about SW, but broadcast exclusively on SW by
 RFPI, webcast by http://www.DXing.com sponsored by Universal Radio
*Iraqi National Congress broadcasting supposedly funded by US, but
 funding held up by Executive branch
*NPR Worldwide gets FM relay in Madrid
*Henrik Klemetz on clandestine communications in Peru on 10 MHz; see
 ``En el Reino del Espanto`` by Alvaro Vargas Llosa; 10-minute clip
 at http://www.owdjim.gen.nz/chris/radio/DXSoundBites/10MHz.ram
*Background on Radio Cusco, Peru, its addresses, QSL policy, owners
*Voice of Guyana reactivated on 90m with eclectic format due to
 mixture of cultures: Christian, Moslem, Hindu within a few minutes
*Trans-Equatorial scatter propagation on FM possibly reaches south
 coast of US, since it has happened on 2 meter hamband; lots of it
 on TV from Europe to South Africa
*Speculation that TV stations boost their power when new, fizzle
 down to lower power with ageing equipment, despite licensed levels
*Coaster-pagers follow-up to COM 00-07: all about them at
*In the midst of COM 00-08; check our website for much more info:
 http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio and click on Continent of
 Media; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Standard disclaimer
*Tip for Rational Living concluding our series on the presidential
 election: the Progressive`s dilemma: Nader or Gore? Depends on
 whether you vote in a swing state
*American Atheists campaigning against Lieberman on separation of
 church and state: http://www.atheists.org/action/lieberman.html
*Hatewatch Live, Thursdays 8 pm Central via http://img2.com or check
*New Canadian TV webcast company http://www.jumptv.com hopes to
 avoid problems iCraveTV.com had
*Russell Smith`s memo to CBC Radio 2: take music for youth seriously
*CBC Vancouver Orchestra renamed CBC Radio Orchestra
*Denver`s classical station KVOD now sold to Spanish group, format
 change expected; see/hear http://www.kvod.com which has been
 allowing listeners to post their opinions about the sale
*KHFM, Albuquerque, is highest-rated commercial classical in country;
 secure despite gobbleup by Citadel; my visit reported in DXLD 0-117
 via the WOR website as above
*This was COM 00-08, for October 2000; Glenn Hauser inviting you also
 to listen to my other program, new one every week, World of Radio ###