WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 31, produced Aug 18, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

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*V. of Tanzania Zanzibar getting new SW transmitter from China
*Somali monitoring around 7 MHz
*Trouble with pirates on ham bands from Somalia, Sudan, Congo bother 
*Sudan monitoring around 8 MHz
*Namibia off 3 MHz again
*Libya down to one transmitter on 15 MHz
*Where to hear V. of Turkey in English
*Israel only changed one frequency, contrary to last week
*Israel 2nd harmonic heard on 23 MHz
*VOA/IBB Poro, Philippines closing down in a sesquimonth; R. Pilipinas
 frequencies from here
*China developing cyber-warfare
*R. Taibei International via UK relay schedule
*via AM, FM, USB, subcarrier on satellite, cable, internet, SW, this is
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*BBC WS previews: Meridian Books on Goethe; From Where I Stand
*Global Sound Kitchen very wide website explains its dance music
*Latvia's SW service gone, but something else on its frequency: R.
*Deutsche Welle expects catastrophic budget cuts in October, forcing
 major reductions, loss of hundreds of jobs; English news from TV;
 union to demonstrate next month
*DW services to be eliminated or reduced
*DW reduced frequencies in English to NAm already
*SW Relay Service 13m transmitter down; others on this weekend
*Belgium's problems with Bonaire relay
*R. Racja to start SW from Poland to Belarus in November
*St. Petersburg test transmissions this weekend for R. Gardarika;
 reports QSLed by E-mail only:
*R. Tirana swiches frequencies to and fro 
*Argentine longwave beacons in South Orkneys, Antarctica, Ushuaia
*Where to monitor flights to Falklands from Chile via Argentina
*Peruvian heard with R. Bethel ID, but is it really R. Arequipa?
*UPI Radio News closing down August 19; AP takes over
*WJCR caught off-frequency again
*The Scream of the Butterfly pirate going legit via WRMI from Sept
*International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend Aug 21-22, ham specials
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, August 17: flux peak 190
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio Extra 31               ###