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        WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 29, produced by Glenn Hauser
            [airing the week starting June 30]

*Thailand's Dusit Palace royal shortwave station
*Did ETLF get compensation from Ethiopia?
*V. of Russia's upcoming 70th anniversary; see 
*VOR Chairman's "New Challenges for International Broadcasting"
 at http://www.vor.ru/Special_News/Special_News_eng.html
*Entertainment that Misses the High Notes -- irreverent review of
 the Eurovision Song Contest
*Musical signatures on SW stations
*Australia begins digital radio; see http://www.magi.com/~moted/dr
*R. Northsea International is back in August; see
 http://www.btinternet.com/~rni or E-mail rni@btinternet.com
*Interviewing for top job at the BBC
*Pet containment system or AM loop antenna?
*Flags of the world: http://www.ntv.it/fotw/flags/index.html
*Vatican allows nuns on internet 
*Beware of dial-around 10-10-636 which may charge you double  ###