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        WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA #28, produced by Glenn Hauser
        for the week starting May 26, 1999

*The Ten-Tec RX-320 DSP PC radio - http://www.tentec.com
*Eddystone may be closing down; where to get spare parts
*Icom splitting into American and Canadian branches
*Barry Hauser's boatanchor report - the glories of the R390A
*Seashore DXing with the DX-398
*A new material for semiconductors
*Classical radio on the web - http://listen.to/klassiek
*Harry Helms on the future of shortwave
*Third World favors radio over internet, especially for UN
 - http://www.un.org
*Is the spectrum a tribal right, in New Zealand?
*VNG, Australian timesignals, may close down soon
*Bangkok Meteorological Radio schedule, address, QSL info
*Iran's incredible QSL policy                           ###